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Let’s Talk About Trifling Niggas & Bum Bitches


Soooo let me start this off simply by saying I have filtered myself since I started this self-publishing journey simply because I didn’t want to offend anyone. But that kept me from being me. So with that being said… fuck that. Mask off, people. Mask fucking off.

Man, that felt good. Like coming home after a long day at work, taking off your high heels, unsnapping your bra and letting your titties breathe kind of feeling. Like, I just exhaled like my queens from the movie. I completely understand what Tupac meant when he said you get writer’s block when you start trying to watch what you say to appease a muthafucka. Like nah, I can’t say this, nah I can’t say that. Fuck that. Censoring myself fucks up my creativity and I’m not doing it anymore. I had a saying whenever my mom would question me about what I would wear when I would run to the corner store or sit on the porch. “If muthafuckas don’t like how I look then don’t look at me.” Now of course I didn’t say muthafuckas to Betty Bunns because she would’ve knocked me smooth the fuck out. But that’s how it sounded in my head when I thought it as I censored myself for the sake of keeping my jaw in place. That’s how I feel about my blog going forward. If muthafuckas don’t like what they read, click off my shit and read a more sweet and tamed blog.

Let’s hit this discussion, shall we.

Let’s talk about these trifling ass niggas. We got some trifling ass niggas out here in these streets. It ain’t just niggas in Philly, the niggatry reaches far beyond the tri-state area. These fuck niggas are every where. I’m talking about lying, cheating, sneaky, conniving ass niggas that have zero fucks to give about the shit they’re doing. Before y’all ask the question like damn sis who hurt you, let me just say recently, no one because I shut shit down as soon as the fuckery begins. I just watch how niggas move and listen to the way they talk and the shit is sickening.  Niggas out here fake conscious on social media like they’re so enlightened and so “woke” when the fact of the matter is they about as sleep as the fucking dead. They out here spitting this black power, higher conscious shit to chicks who aren’t well versed in the shit so it’s like back in the Shakespearean days when those muthafuckas would read a bitch a sonnet and she’d get all starry eyed and shit. That’s how these chicks get. They wear this crazy mask pretending to be everything the chick wants and then once they get in good, be it to get the pussy, or their homeless ass needs a place to stay or a bitch to be their cash cow, they change back to the trifling nigga doing the trifling niggatry, having the chick looking like who the fuck is this imposter. But sis, this the crazy shit. This isn’t the imposter. This is the real nigga. The muthafucka that finessed his way into your life and got you stuck on that academy award winning acting job is the damn imposter.  Then because a chick is caught the fuck up, she wastes even more time trying to fix what she thinks is broken when really it’s all been a lie. She figures she can change this monster back into what she fell in love with, but ultimately she begins to change herself. And when the game is over, cause that’s all the fuck it was anyway, sis you lost. You lost the man (which wasn’t much of a loss but because you so caught up, you can’t see that loss as being a blessing) and ultimately you lose yourself, too and it’s hard as fuck to get back to who you were, especially if you blame yourself.

These niggas out here with whole relationships with one bitch and finessing other bitches, having the side bitch thinking she got a man because instead of just leaving it as a fuck, they boo loving, snuggling and cuddling making the bitch think she special. And you wonder why these broads be fucking y’all up. Stop playing with these bitches emotions and either keep it all the way from the giddy up, or don’t touch them at all. That doesn’t just go for the niggas in relationships

Karma bitch
Karma bitch

that have their little side action, this goes for the niggas that fraud like they want more than what they really want when they know muthafucking well they have no intentions of doing 5% of what they promised to these chicks. Then what fucks me up is God forbid the chick they’re cheating on is out making what’s good for the goose good for the gander a real consequence of his fuck shit, letting another nigga scratch her itches, the nigga wanna be all in his feelings talking about these hoes ain’t loyal. Muthafucka have several seats. I’ma be salty as hell if my emojis don’t show up in this blog post lol. But enough about these trifling niggas, cause what they don’t realize is Karma doesn’t lose an address. Even when you move, that bitch will find you and make what goes around come right the fuck back around. Tuh! (Flips weave)

Now, Let’s move on to these bum-ass scandalous bitches.

I’m talking about these bitches that run around purposely fucking with a nigga knowing he got a wife or a girlfriend at home. I’m talking about these thirsty-ass, weave recycling, decepti-thots that will see a nigga with his chick or a chick he’s fucking with and will purposely wait until that female ain’t around so she can hop up in his face before she let her head fall in his lap and hop up on his dick. You bitches are a problem. And the only thing worse than you hoes are the bitches who got their own nigga at home and will lie saying she hanging with her besties, meanwhile she using his car to go creep with a whole ‘nother nigga. Let’s talk about these bum-ass bitches who leave their kids with grandma, auntie or little cousin Nikki so they can creep with some dick that won’t even pick them up let alone get them an Uber or Lyft to get back home. You bitches can’t even get a shower afterwards let alone a wash cloth to wipe off before you get sent back where you came from, smelling like ball snot with dick on your breath. Bitches don’t even wash their mouth out before kissing their damn kids.

Niggas can only do the trifling shit they’re doing because too many bitches are willing to let them. This excludes the unsuspecting women who don’t know about the wife at home. I don’t fault you if you didn’t know. But the thirst-bots that know and get down with the fuckery anyway, you deserve every ounce of payback that comes your way.

So why are chicks willingly being side jawns? And why are there niggas out here who feel like they have to fuck multiple chicks at once? I honestly believe chicks have Daddy issues and chase after what they never got from their fathers in other men. I also think it’s a self esteem issue as well. You don’t love or respect yourself. You have a false idea that being a bad bitch, down ass bitch, consists of this type of reckless behavior because the right people didn’t show you better and the ones who tried, you didn’t listen because you didn’t see the immediate rewards of being a thorough woman who has her shit together versus being a bad bitch turning up. As for the niggas who have to buss down a different chick damn near every day, I think they second guess their masculinity. I think they are unsure of their manhood and not necessarily in a gay manner. They have no control over other aspects in their lives. They’re not where they want to be career wise and financially and feel like they have no control or power over those areas. Fucking multiple woman makes them feel like they have some sort of control over something and gives them a false sense of power, a false sense of masculinity and a false sense of manhood. It also tracks back to Daddy issues as well as Mommy issues. Lack of paternal guidance and maternal love can leave a male and female child missing basic necessities that can either shape them into being an honorable man or woman, or an ain’t shit, trifling ass, bum ass nigga/bitch.

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Yani-Speaks on Fox’s Empire Episode- Death Will Have His Day

EmpireOkay love’s, I am a little late with this post because I was a tad busy handling some book business. And then Verizon wanted to be acting like a total dickwad, so I missed the first 30 minutes of the episode. As you can imagine, I was pissed. But I made sure I caught up on it on Hulu about an hour ago so YAAAAASSSSS!!! Here’s my take…

Boo-Boo Kitty needs her ass whipped, immediately. The way she shoved ol’ girl down those steps like that was just FOUL! I’m not going to  lie to y’all, the close ups they did on her face as she was somersaulting down the steps had me DYING!

I know I’m dead wrong for that but, my imagination is just twisted like that soooo.
Now let’s get to Cookie beating that ass with that broom. Yes, Hakeem seriously needed that ass whipped handing over the Empire to some “Half-Lesbian” (Cookies words, not mine LOL) just to spite his dad. I would have done more than beat his ass with that broom. I would’ve taken my boot off and did damage.  Naomi Campbell looks damn good though! Looks just like she did when she kidnapped Detective Williams’ (played by Malik Yoba) son on New York Undercover. For you youngins, you don’t know anything about that. That show had Thursdays lit long before Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy came on the scene.

I was looking forward to seeing Alicia Keys in another episode. Hopefully, that won’t be the last we see of Skye. (Just don’t turn her into a stalking ass scorned lover. Boo-Boo Kitty already has that down to a science with her crazy ass.) I will say, that dress and cardigan that she had on when she went to “offer her condolences” to Rhonda (eye roll) was major slayage. It’s hard to hate on the “bitch” she is portraying on Empire when she slays like that. WORK! And as Rhonda is boo-hoo hooing her eyes out about the loss of her baby, this chick says “Some things just aren’t meant to be.” I pray before the end of the season, Cookie beats the shit out of her with her trendy broom. HA!

Now let’s get to that suit Hakeem was wearing.Hakeem Lyon What in three hells was that? The nigga had the Classifieds, the Editorials, and Breaking News up and down his ass in that hot fashion mess. Ugh! I was so irked when I saw him, like who dressed you this morning? Bet money some young dumb ass is going to try to rock that to their prom or to a party. Epic Fashion Fail!

Jamal gotta decide what team he wants to play on. Are you  a sausage sucker or a deep sea fisher? Which is it? And while he was right that it’s nobody’s business, once you become a public figure, your business is everybody’s business like it or not and he’s causing some serious confusion. Judging by the previews, it looks like his lover Michael (who was getting his dick sucked by the photographer on the sly- oops) may be back. Don’t fall for it, Mally! You don’t know if your licking another man’s ball juice from ole Mikey’s lips. LMAO!

How many of y’all thought Lucious was going to blow Hakeem’s back stabbing ass away? Did Lucious Frames Hakeem?I said “Oh Lord, he finna have his ass swimming like Bunky.” LMAO. I have a plot twist in mind for the wonderful writers of Empire. How dope and conniving at the same time would it be if Lucious had Hakeem touch the gun he used to kill Bunky so he could later frame him?! Woah, that would be a crazy plot twist. And use that as a means to take back Empire. Now I know some of y’all are probably saying, that’s pretty fucked up. But this is Lucious we’re talking about. That man is the devil. He let his baby-momma go to jail for 17 years while he moved on and created this Empire, only to replace her with the younger and lighter skinned Boo-Boo Kitty. Then he killed her cousin in cold blood and THEN we find out that the baby that Raven Symone’s character Olivia (hah that was her name on the Cosby’s… I wonder…) allegedly had by Jamal was really Lucious’! Wooo! So yeah, that would be a hell of a plot twist. Think about it, Empire Writers. And you can thank me later. Muah!

Empire, starring my man Terrence Howard, the beautiful Taraji P. Henson, Jussie Smollet, Byshere Y. Gray, Trai Byers, Grace Gealey and Kaitlin Doubleday comes on Wednesdays on Fox 29 at 9pm EST.  It was created by Lee Daniels and the music is produced by Timbaland. It’s a hot show that will have you laughing your ass off one minute and then sitting with your mouth hanging open, not believing what you’re seeing the next minute. Don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself! Stream Season one and catch up on season 2 on hulu. See you guys next time. MUAH!

Dating- Netflix and Chill- Situationships

I’m starting to think that dating has gone out of style like hi-top Reeboks and bobby-socks. Seriously. I know times have changed but got-damn, what the hell is Netflix and Chill? LOL! I swear I’m about to start blogging from my Galaxy so I can insert the proper emojis at the proper times LOL!

I have not dated in a while. After things with south with Demetrius and Dallas’ dad (for the umpteenth time, I swear I don’t know why I kept giving that ass-clown chances… wait… yeah I do… never mind) I said I was going to take a break, make sure I had myself together mentally, emotionally, financially because I partially believe that the people we attract are a reflection of ourselves. And man I was attracting some strange shit. Men with no aspirations to do anything other than the next get rich quick scheme, men who had absolutely no intentions of moving out of their parents’ home and getting a place of their own unless they were moving in with the chick of the moment, men who had no goals and that is not like me at all. So for the last two years, I haven’t had men to think about. I just wanted to get myself together.

Recently, I tried getting back into the scene again. And one thing I noticed is that a lot of guys are not taking women out on real dates. They aren’t courting women anymore. Every single guy that I came across wanted to “come see me”, “Come chill,” “watch a movie and chill”. (Enter wtf emoji face here). Just be up front about the shit and say can I come over and fuck. Like seriously bruh! Lets just be real! This is a real problem for me because I feel like, I can sit at home and chill by myself. I can watch Netflix and chill on my solo. The way I see it, this Netflix and Chill shit along with situationships came about two ridiculous ways…

1) Chicks lowered their standards. At the end of the day, Men pick, but Women choose and men are really only going to do what we allow them to do. If we allow them to not take us out and only come over to order cheap, bullshit Chinese food while watching cable TV or Netflix, then that’s what they’re going to do. By no means do I completely have a problem with that. But if every time I try to set something up for us to spend time together and the first thing that pops out of a Ninja’s mouth is  “Can I come see you?” or “Can I come chill?” to me, that says that he’s not looking for anything that serious, all he wants to do is “play”.

2) Guys are becoming cautious about taking women out on dates because (sorry to dime some of you women out- I’ve heard quite a few women admitting to doing this) a lot of times a women won’t like a guy but if he is paying for a date, dinner, movie or whatever, she’ll go out with him, knowing she really isn’t that interested in him. That’s happened so many times that now now men are guarding their time and guarding their pockets not wanting either of them to be wasted, preferring to just visit a woman at her house before going out on a real date.

I guess to solve the problem in number two would be for guys to pay attention to the signs. If you a chick doesn’t seem that into you when you’re talking to her on the phone or texting her but then suddenly perk up when you mention taking her out, you might want to re-think that. If she doesn’t respond to your texts until you mention a date and then all of a sudden she’s coordinating where to take her, you might want to rethink that.

To solve the problem in number 1, chicks, stop being so quick to let these guys come over to your house and chill. Get to know his intentions before you’re all snuggled up with him on the couch and then before you know it, you’re bent over and in a situationship that you’re mistaking for a relationship and he just sees you as somebody he’s kicking it with.

I peep game with these guys now. If all you want to do is chill, I’m not for you, bruh.