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Prince, Legendary Icon and Musical Genius- Dead at 57!!!

PrinceI had to wait until today to post this because my heart is torn in pieces. Yesterday, I received a text from a good friend of mine saying “Wow Prince Died”. I said: Bullshit! Bullshit! Fucking Bullshit! Lies! The devil is a lie! My heart was racing, my hands were shaking as I immediately took to my laptop, went to Google, and typed his name in the search engines. As I waited for what seemed like an eternity for Google to turn up the search result, I kept saying “Please, God. Please, please, please, please!” Sadly the first news story that popped up was from CNN stating that Prince Roger Nelson was dead at the age of 57.Prince2 I screamed. Why? Why him? Of all the people in this world, Donald Trump, George Zimmerman, Birdman that could’ve been taken and not missed one teeny bit- why did Prince have to die? My heart was BROKEN! Just last month, literally one month before his passing on March 21, 2016, I challenged my daughter Destiny to play the intro to Purple Rain on the piano as a way to earn her stripes and the right to play the piano again since her grades had taken a dive and her behavior/attitude was getting out of control. She can’t read music and I told her no tutorials, play it by ear. She watched the scene from Purple Rain the movie where Prince listened to the instrumental a few times and then played it on his piano and then she sat at the piano and not even an hour later, she was KILLING IT! I posted the video on Instagram and Prince had that jawn taken down LOL. If it wasn’t him personally, it was someone from his company but I was betting then and still betting now that he personally had her video taken down. At first I was a little upset until I saw the notification in my G-Mail inbox from Instagram letting me know it was reported for Copyright Infringement and the email associated with the complaint traced back to his company website. You know what I said? COOL! Prince may have possibly seen her video. Even though he reported it, he may have seen that she has talent for a girl who can’t read music and never had any training. My mother suggested that I send an email back letting him know it was not my intention to infringe upon his music, my daughter and I are just huge fans and playing his song was my challenge for her. I said in response- Prince won’t read my email. He ain’t trying to hear from us little folks… I wish like hell a month later that I had emailed him.

prince5Here is what the news is reporting. Prince was found unresponsive in his elevator  to his multi million dollar estate yesterday morning. Paramedics tried to revive him and was unsuccessful. He was pronounced dead at 10:07am CST. Allegedly, Prince had been battling the flu for the past couple of weeks and they are speculating that that is the cause of death though there has not been an official autopsy report. Last week, on April 15, Prince’s private jet made an emergency landing because of health concerns with the 7 time Grammy award winning artist. He was rushed to the hospital but released 3 hours later against doctors orders because, according to his people, the hospital was unable to place him in a private room. (This is Prince got damn it, if you have to pair three people up, you get this man a private room!) It is said that the Purple Rain star did not look well when he was released, however he was able to do a show in Atlanta the following day on April 16, 2016. Now this is where rumors and speculation begin and it’s really pissing me off.

April 16, 2016, a blind item was placed on a tabloid/gossip site VARIOUSstating that an unnamed African American male celebrity who had been in the news recently has AIDS and was first diagnosed in the 1990s. This blind item, who did not name Prince, stated that the unnamed celebrity was taking his medication like he was supposed to up until a couple of years ago. He stopped because some religious people claimed that God had healed him and he was okay. Allegedly, the sickness came back according to this person who is allegedly close to the unnamed celebrity and the situation, and doctors are saying that this person will get sicker and sicker and could possibly die before the summer. Now five days later, Prince is dead from “complications with the flu” and people are running with this blind item saying that it was him. I call bullshit on that.  That’s rumor number one.

Rumor number two is that he was murdered. This, I can believe.

1) Two years ago, after battling with Warner Bros records for almost 20 years,  Prince struck a deal that would give him controlling rights over his music catalogue which is worth over $100 million. Since then, his music (where I used to download it onto my phone so I could rock out during my commute to school or work) could not be found on any music downloader. Trust me, I looked before he died and was a little sad. While I have his CDs, I just wanted to be able to listen to him on my phone whenever I felt like jamming to “I Would Die 4 You” or “Little Red Corvette” or “Baby, I‘m a Star” That’s the music I listened to whenever I cleaned or did house work. Not only were you unable to download  his music online but you couldn’t get a lot of his videos on Youtube either. He had his music on LOCK! And I don’t too much blame him with the lack of creativity and sampling going on in the music industry these days. Piracy is at an all time high!

2) Prince also spoke out against the government, chemtrails, and a lot of the corrupt activity going on in the music industry. He encouraged other artists to not sell the rights to their music in partnership or anyway else, to be the sole owners of their music rights. To follow his example would cut a lot of folks out of money. I can only imagine how much “those people” were losing with Prince owning the rights to old music as well as new music. He may not have been topping the charts like he did back in the 80s and the 90s but he was still a force to be reckoned with. Seeing him in concert was on my bucket list.

3) Prince was a conscious man who made no apologies for his outspoken nature against the corruption in the government, various music companies and the music industry, referring to the music industry as slavery and the artists who did not fully own their music, slaves. If you pay attention to the symbol he used with his name and even had a guitar made in the shape of that symbol, it resembles the “ankh” as well as the all seeing eye. Once a man becomes awake, it’s only a matter of time before he is put to sleep… permanently.

Now You See It
Now You See It

4) One of Prince’s last posts on Instagram was a photo of himself  on April 14, 2016 and the caption read “Just when you thought you were safe…” Yesterday when people began to speculate that the flu story was bullshit and he was murdered, that caption was removed along with other captions from other posts on his account. Things that make you go hmmm…?

Now You Don't...
Now You Don’t…

5) Now all of a sudden the media is trying to ease in this story that his plane landed early because he was OD’ing from drugs and that his death may be the result of a drug overdose. This man wouldn’t touch meat or alcohol. I highly doubt he was touching drugs. Not to mention, a doctor who had recently seen Prince stated in an interview yesterday that his sudden death from “the flu” seemed very suspect and odd” and that aside from the flu, he was in perfect health.

Nonetheless, a musical genius who set the standard higher than any of these so called artist today could ever hope to meet, who was fearless with his talent and art form is gone and I can’t help but feel a little lost and hopeless now. Prince music was perfect for no matter what mood you were in. Pissed off, throw on When Doves Cry. Wanna dance and shake a boogie? Throw on “Baby, I’m a Star” or “I Would  Die 4 You”.  Feeling sexy? “Wanna Be Your Lover” or “Diamonds and Pearls”. The list is limitless as this Genius has music for almost four decades that has stood the tests of time. And while many will speculate how he died or if he was killed, I more so would like to celebrate how he lived.

RIP Prince Roger Nelson (1958-2016)


Black History Month Coming to a Close- Unapologetically Black

Unapologetically Black
Unapologetically Black

For the last day of Black History month, I decided to feature my oldest child, Destiny, who is 12 years old and becoming a musical genius on the piano. Last year, she was in the “Black History” talent show and played John Legend’s “All of Me”. Mind you, that song has absolutely NOTHING to do with the theme of the talent show (Black History), but because she played it so beautifully, (and she was one of the best performers and I’m not just saying that because she’s my child. I’ll post the video). This year, Destiny is having a bit of an issue  with the teachers because of her behavior and her school work. I make no excuses for her. I’ve gotten on her about her school work and let her know that her talent won’t get her far without an education. But she auditioned for this year’s talent show and was playing “Hello” by Adele and the kids who were there was LOVING it! They were singing along and it was all love. But then here comes the lady who was holding the auditions (same lady who praised her last year) “Umm Destiny, what does that song have to do with “respect”? So of course, the kids felt like the lady was hating and wanted her to really let Destiny play. Destiny called me and told me what happened and I told her to explain to the lady that “Hello” has a lot to do with respect. If Adele had respected the friendship she had with the guy in the song, if she had respected him as a person and as a man, she would not be begging for him to talk to her on the phone and accept her apology. I told her to tell the lady that the song teaches you to respect, value and cherish your friends and the people you long or you’ll live to regret it. The lady wasn’t trying to hear it and told Des to pick another song. She started learning Man in the Mirror but got sick and didn’t learn it soon enough for the talent show so the lady wouldn’t let her participate. Mind you, from what Destiny said, kids were dancing to Rihanna… (W T F to that but whatever).

Let me give you a little background on Destiny against the adults in the school. She’s far from dumb. Not only is she book smart, but because I am conscious of what’s going on around me as well as being into my culture and my history, I teach her as I learn. So she’s like a mini Malcolm X. Her problem is, she needs to do her school work like she should. But in the beginning of the year, she was giving an assignment by a White teacher telling her to ask any three questions she wanted answers to. Destiny’s questions were:

1) Why is there a white man posing as Jesus in all of the photos when in the bible it says Jesus had skin the color of bronze and hair the texture of lamb’s wool. Sounds like a Black man to me…

2) Where did White people come from because if you look at it historically, no matter where you search in the world and no matter how far back in time you research, Black people show up. If you look at it biblically, Adam was made from the dust of the Earth… I’ve never seen white dust before soooo…

3) Why won’t the Revolution be televised?

Needless to say, she has not been a teacher’s pet of any sort since then LOL. And it didn’t help that when her social science teacher (same white woman) began a black history lesson in class but started in in slavery, Destiny raised her hand and asked: “How come whenever we’re taught about Black History, the lessons always start from slavery? Our history didn’t begin with the Atlantic Slave Trade. We were kings, scientists, inventors, mathematicians, GODS before we were stolen and forced into slavery.” Her teacher fumbled but I could imagine how annoyed she was with Destiny’s comment/question, and told her that the time didn’t allow her to go back that far. (bullshit-cough cough).

So for today, the last day of Black History month as well as the day of the talent show, Destiny wore her “Unapologetically Black” long sleeved tee that I designed. I had one made for me as well. 20160229_072309 And she wore it with righteous pride. And even though she didn’t get to perform in the school’s talent show, she is still on her way to greatness. Right now, I am just getting her to focus in school and take it a little bit more serious. The thing about having a little genius is getting them to understand they still have to put in the work and there is always room for growth and improvement. I don’t want her to get comfortable or settle for being “good enough”. If music and playing the piano is what she loves, then I want her to strive for greatness. Here is a video of her playing “Hello” at home on our piano.