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Beyonce Formation Concert in Philly was LIT!!


Destiny in Formation
Destiny in Formation

So for Destiny’s 13th birthday, I got us tickets to go see Beyonce in concert yesterday at the Lincoln Financial Field and she had a blast! This girl screamed and jumped up and down and sang along with practically all of the songs. The only downside to the concert was that it rained. Oh lawd it rained! And we got caught in it, We were cool when we first left. It was when we got off the sub that all hell broke loose with the skies opening up and pissing on us. Even with our umbrellas, we got soaked. The messed up part was we had to stand outside for a bit before we could even go in and even when we made it inside, we couldn’t go to our seats because of the rain. So Beyonce, the next time you decide to include Philly in your tour, please have your concert at the Wells Fargo Center. I’m sure it holds just as many people if not more.  Here are a few pix from that night. I took so many videos and pictures. DJ Khaled opened and he brought out Yo Gotti, Meek Mill, Rick Ross and Freeway. Lawd when Meek did All Eyes on Us Destiny screamed the lyrics like no other. LOL! And you know when Freeway did Roc the Mic Right I had to get it popping. That song was from my senior year in high school. Shockingly Des knew part of the words LOL.momndaughterslay After the concert, no lie, I took my heels off and walked barefoot to the sub LOL. And because the bus wasn’t coming when we got to Broad n Olney and it was already after 1 o’clock n the morning, since we were still so amped from the concert, we just walked the rest of the way home. And yes, I was barefoot.

It was a great mother-daughter birthday experience for us. My birthday was June 4th and her birthday is tomorrow, the 7th. A lot of people threw shade on the low because of how much I paid for me and Des tickets. A lot of people don’t know (and wouldn’t care no how) what me and Destiny have been through over the last 2 1/2 years. I won’t get into it because it is our business and no one needs to be in it. But the fact of the matter is, whether I paid $300 for the tickets or I paid $3,000, it was my money that I worked for. I didn’t borrow from anyone to get the tickets, I didn’t sell ass or skip a bill or anything underhanded so we could go. With all of the tragedies that we’ve seen and faced these last 2 1/2 years, this mother-daughter outing was needed and the experience was well worth every dollar that was spent. beyonceslay

“What Happened To”-Wednesday- Philly R&B Group No Question

noqLet me just start off by saying I was a HUGE fan of this group when I was in the 10th grade. My brother bought me my first portable CD player and when I say everyday on my way to school I bumped this CD loud as hell, I’m not lying! My favorite songs on the original release which is the photo shown to the left were “Lights On, Lights Off”, “Cover Me”, “Just Can’t Go On”, and “Do What You Gotta Do”. My friends told me I was a groupie. Nah, not hardly. I just had mad respect for this group and thought they had some of the rawest talent coming out of Philly since Boyz II Men. Imagine my disappointment when they didn’t reach the kind of success I expected and anticipated that they would reach.

For those of you who don’t know who this group is (Shame on you), they were a vocal quartet that consisted of Damon Core, Dante Massey, Tommy Blackwell, and Nicholas Johnson, hailing from my city, Philadelphia at a time when Philly was going hard as hell in the music industry. We had Major Figgaz (where the hell are they?), Charlie Baltimore, (where the hell is she?) Eve, Beanie Sigel and Freeway. Beanie Sigel had me hype on Money, Cash, Hoes remix when he started his verse “Peep the kid from P-H-I-L-L-Y; North, West, South-west, South-side. Spitting for them niggas and bitches who stay fly; B-Mac Roc-a-fella till I die…” (Don’t act like y’all not banging your head and rapping along, stop playing) But anyways… (LOL) No Question burst onto the scene with their edgy hit (at least in my eyes it was a hit) “I don’t care”. A friend of mine, Brittany, was going on and on about this group while I was at her house hanging with her older sister, Jessica. She kept raving about how this hot group from Philly was coming out and had this “bomb-ass-song” called “I don’t care”. I didn’t know what the hell she was talking about and didn’t too much care. Until I heard the song myself…

I wanted to beat the breaks off of a heffa when I found out they were performing at Power House in October of ’99. I wanted some damn tickets. Unfortunately at 15, there was no way my mother was going to let me go to any concert.  I may not have made it to Power House, but I was lucky to be at my school (University City) when they came to perform before we left for Winter Break. Hearing them sing live was freaking amazing. I mean this was a group who could actually SING live. No technical sprucing for their vocals or anything. They could actually sing. Which brings me to my main question of this blog… What the hell happened to No Question???

I heard rumors (that I’ve yet to be able to substantiate) that the R&B group was getting ripped off by Kenny Gamble and left to work with Chris Schwartz to become Ruff Nations’ first R&B group. I guess that would explain why an extended version of their first album was released…

noq1I also heard that allegedly their sales didn’t reach the levels expected by the record label and they were dropped for Jaheim. (damn… seriously)

Okay, so where are they now? I did some searching on-line and was able to come across them on reverbnation. Instead of it being a quartet, they are now a three-some consisting of Damon, Dante, and a new guy named Nate. Um, where the f*ck is Tommy? Because his voice was the main one that stuck out to me in their album(s). I heard Nicholas was working in a Payless somewhere (hey… at least it’s a job) but again, I haven’t been able to substantiate that. Seems like there are lots of questions about “No Question” but no answers…

For those who want to purchase their first album, good luck finding it. However, the extended version can be found on Amazon and you can listen to this new version of “No Question” on Reverbnation. I follow Tommy on Instagram and befriended him on Facebook. He appears to be doing his own thing with a radio show and other things. (Sigh). Thanks for checking out my blog. Reminisce on the awesome sounds of this group by watching their “I Don’t Care” music video. I’ll be singing at the top of my lungs just like I’m 15 all over again. (Yup I still know all the words). Some of you probably will too. Peace!