Deadly Hit & Run in Philly News-

carjackingMy heart  is broken and my mind is at a total loss. Though this happened late Friday morning around 11:15am, I still can’t seem to wrap my mind around it. Maybe because this further makes me question “the grand design”. It further makes me ask this question: If God made us in his image, why are people so hateful and evil? Evil, is the only word that can be used to describe the men who were pure, gutless, soul-less cowards when they not only car-jacked a woman at gun point, but set off a chain of events that claimed the lives of three innocent children. Three innocent children who weren’t running around, playing in the streets unsupervised like too many kids we see today. Three innocent children who were doing their weekly routine of helping their mother and a fellow church member sell fruit on the corner of Germantown and Allegheny Avenues, an intersection not too far from where my children’s father lives. These cowards robbed these children of life and a bright, promising future. Siblings, ages 7, 10 and 15 would have their lives cut short because these animals decided that instead of working hard like men should to acquire the things that men want, they would carjack a woman at gun point and take what was hers.

According to Philadelphia Police, Friday morning, the chaos began on 6th and Huntingdon Park when two men, one described as African American and the other Hispanic, grabbed a female  real estate agent at gun point as she was preparing to get into her car. She was thrown in the back of the SUV. The driver eventually lost control of the SUV when a tire blew, and the car skidded erratically towards the unsuspecting crowd of six people, three of them children, who would lose their lives. carjacking2Ten year old Thomas Reed died at the scene while his younger brother Terrence Moore (7)  died despite doctor’s efforts at St. Christopher’s Hospital and their older sister Keiearra  Williams also died shortly after arriving at Temple University Hospital. Their 34 year old mother was also struck by the SUV and is in critical condition.

Terrance Moore’s father made a tearful plea for the cowards who caused this devastation to turn themselves in. $100,000 reward is being offered for their capture.

There is no way in hell these men have a conscience. There is no way in hell that somebody in Philadelphia does not know who these men are and where these men are. If they are being harbored by friends/ family, those people need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law as well. These were babies,  young, innocent children trying to do a good deed who tragically lost their lives while the cowards who were doing wrong are still walking and breathing. Where is the justice in that? What I find disturbing, and what has caused me to lose just a little more faith in humanity is the ass-hole who decided to take their phone and video tape one of the victims faced down in the grass with his body broken and twisted, his neck obviously broken, and then to posted it on Facebook. This was somebody’s child! Where is the compassion? Where is the respect for life? What times are we in where instead of trying to help the situation, people are more concerned about getting photos and video footage of carnage? And for people to re-post it? I was scrolling through my news feed on Facebook tonight and saw that and no matter how hard I tried to pause it so I could find a button to report it, the more it played, the more I saw and that is an imagery that will forever be embedding in my memory. That could have been any of our children out there on that corner that morning and I for one would not want video footage of my child’s lifeless body laying faced down in the gutter floating around on social media! RIP to those sweet babies who lost their lives Friday morning. I’m praying for a speedy recovery for the mother of those children, comfort and peace for her as well as the family while dealing with this tragedy, along with peace and comfort for the other victims effected by this madness. And I’m praying that before the closing of this week, before these babies are laid to rest, the men… no I can’t even call them men. The COWARDS who caused this travesty are captured so they can be brought to justice.


Throw-Back Thursday- Philly’s Own Boyz II Men Tribute

Boyz II Men
Boyz II Men

It’s Throwback Thursday and I can’t think of a better throwback for Philly than Boyz II Men. I still say to this day that not only was this the BEST male R&B group that came out of Philly, but this is the BEST Male group of all time. They had vocals unlike anything you could imagine. The way they harmonized together, the lyrics to their songs, their smooth, melodious sounds were unlike anything I have ever heard in my 30 years on this planet. (Wait… did I just tell my age. Sonuva…). You find me a group that has come out after Boyz II Men and tell me they’re better than Boyz II Men and I have no problem looking you in the eye and saying “You’s a damn lie!”

What I have always respected about Boyz II Men is that they did not have to resort to slutty song lyrics, singing about putting their tongue in explicit places while the random chick twerked this way and that. Yes, they made songs about love making. But it was sensuous and tasteful. Something that this generation of Chris Brown, Trey Songz and whoever the hell else is spewing this musical pornography, fans will never fully understand and never be able to appreciate.

A little history  on Boyz II Men. Yes, they are from Philly. They actually attended the high-school that I wanted to go to (but unfortunately I got stuck with University City… no shade though) Philadelphia High-School for Creative and Performing Arts , or as many of us call it, CAPA.  We know the group as consisting of four members, Nate, Mike, Shawn, and Wanya, (who didn’t have a crush on Wanya??) but the group actually started out with George Baldi, Jon Shoats, Marguerite Walker in 1985 and Wanya would later join the group in 1987. They first called themselves “Unique Attraction” and didn’t change it to Boyz II Men until Jon, George and Marguerite graduated and Shawn, Nate and Mike joined afterwards. With New Edition being one of their biggest inspirations, the group’s name Boyz II Men came from one of New Editions songs.

Boyz II Men got their big break in 1989 when they performed at a school’s Valentine’s Day party and then sneaked back-stage to sing for Bel Biv Devoe ( remaining members of New Edition, Michael Bivins, Ricky Bell, Ronnie Devoe) After singing the groups song “Can You Stand the Rain”, it would be Michael Bivins who would give the group their chance.

boyz2men2“Back in school we used to dream about this every day/ Could it really happen? Or do dreams just fade away/ So we started singing and they said it sound smooth/ So we started a group and here we are, kicking it just for you…” Those dope lyrics would be sang by practically everyone in Philly when “Motown Philly” would blast through the airwaves of Power 99FM in 1991, released May 24th. The song would immediately become a hit reaching #3 on the Billboard Hot 100. The album, CooleyHighHarmony debuted at #58 on the Billboard 200 but would later reach #3 on the US charts and #7 in the UK. The group would also see success that year with their remake of G.C Cameron’s It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday from the 1975 movie, Cooley High. The song would meet much greater success behind the harmonious sounds of the Philadelphia native quartet peaking at #1 for Hot Hip-Hop/R&B Songs and eventually reach #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

boys2men3While a lot of R&B groups during the 90′s struggled to follow up with the same success they started out with, Boyz II Men came back just as strong with their 1993 hit “End of the Road” from the Blockbuster movie soundtrack Boomerang starring Eddie Murphy which topped the Top R&B Albums for two weeks.  The song would replace Diana Ross and Lionel Richie’s Endless Love as being Motown’s most successful song for the label.

“Close your eyes, make a wish, and blow out the candlelight/ For tonight is just your night/ We’re gonna celebrate, all through the night/ Pour the wine, light the fire/ Girl your wish is my command, I submit to your demands/ I will do anything, girl you need only ask/ I’ll make love to you, like you want me to/ And I’ll hold you tight, baby all through the night/ I’ll make love to you/ when you want me to/ And I will not let go ’till you tell me to..” (fanning myself) I was about to sing the whole damn song for y’all. Anybody born between 1994 and 1996, chances are, ya momma got pregnant because of this song. Go ahead and ask her. Of course she won’t “tell you”, just watch her facial expression change as she reminisces on that shit. LOL! boyz2men4 I remember as a kid, every time I turned on the radio, this song was playing. I have to say that this was the only song and group from my generation that my mother liked. She didn’t want to hear all the mumbo jumbo those other singers were spewing. But you turn on Boyz II Men, and she was cooler than a fan. “I’ll Make Love to You” became a #1 hit for Boyz II Men and Motown Records. It would top the charts holding the #1 spot for 14 weeks. It set a record for most weeks being at #1 at the time, tying the record with the late Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” from the Bodyguard soundtrack. The single turned platinum and won the 1995 Grammy Award  for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group and two American Music Awards for Favorite Pop/Rock Single and Favorite Soul/R&B Single. The song is still at #17 on Billboards All Time Top 100

Besides the Beatles, Boyz II Men was the only group to break their own record for number of weeks at #1 with “One Sweet Day”, a collaboration with platinum recording artist, Mariah Carey. The song would sit at the #1 spot for 16 weeks and is the longest running #1 song in the history of the Billboard Hot 100 pop singles chart. It’s shocking to know that this single did not win one single Grammy. (Highway robbery)

Though Boyz II Men is no longer a quartet (Michael McCray left the group in 2003 due to health issues) they still tour and perform and recently released an album in 2011 entitled “Twenty” in honor of their twenty years in the music business. It included 13 original songs along with eight re-recorded Boyz II Men songs.

“When you said goodbye, I felt so all alone/ there were times at night I couldn’t sleep, my heart was much to weak to make it on my own/ Baby after all the misery and pain you put me through/ so unfair to me girl, you’re no longer my world/ And I ain’t missing you… at all”- Doing Just Fine. When I first heard that song, all I could do was shake my head. That became one of my all time favorite Boyz II Men songs next to “End of the Road”. I still keep that in heavy rotation and I will admit, I get a little teary eyed at that part of the song. Wanya sang the hell out of that portion. I’d like to find the girl who broke his heart and brought out that kind of raw emotion to cause him to put so much energy into his part and not only slap the hell out of her, but give her a handshake too (if there were such a girl for the motivation behind his singing LOL). I still find myself saying, “You better sing the damn song, boy!” on that part.

Boyz II Men undoubtedly is one of the best (and I still say THEE best) male R&B groups of all time. And since “I’ll Make Love to You” was released July 26th, 1994 and is almost at it’s 20th anniversary, here is the music video below. Baby making music at its finest. LOL Enjoy everyone. Thanks for reading. PEACE!!

“What Happened To”-Wednesday- Philly R&B Group No Question

noqLet me just start off by saying I was a HUGE fan of this group when I was in the 10th grade. My brother bought me my first portable CD player and when I say everyday on my way to school I bumped this CD loud as hell, I’m not lying! My favorite songs on the original release which is the photo shown to the left were “Lights On, Lights Off”, “Cover Me”, “Just Can’t Go On”, and “Do What You Gotta Do”. My friends told me I was a groupie. Nah, not hardly. I just had mad respect for this group and thought they had some of the rawest talent coming out of Philly since Boyz II Men. Imagine my disappointment when they didn’t reach the kind of success I expected and anticipated that they would reach.

For those of you who don’t know who this group is (Shame on you), they were a vocal quartet that consisted of Damon Core, Dante Massey, Tommy Blackwell, and Nicholas Johnson, hailing from my city, Philadelphia at a time when Philly was going hard as hell in the music industry. We had Major Figgaz (where the hell are they?), Charlie Baltimore, (where the hell is she?) Eve, Beanie Sigel and Freeway. Beanie Sigel had me hype on Money, Cash, Hoes remix when he started his verse “Peep the kid from P-H-I-L-L-Y; North, West, South-west, South-side. Spitting for them niggas and bitches who stay fly; B-Mac Roc-a-fella till I die…” (Don’t act like y’all not banging your head and rapping along, stop playing) But anyways… (LOL) No Question burst onto the scene with their edgy hit (at least in my eyes it was a hit) “I don’t care”. A friend of mine, Brittany, was going on and on about this group while I was at her house hanging with her older sister, Jessica. She kept raving about how this hot group from Philly was coming out and had this “bomb-ass-song” called “I don’t care”. I didn’t know what the hell she was talking about and didn’t too much care. Until I heard the song myself…

I wanted to beat the breaks off of a heffa when I found out they were performing at Power House in October of ’99. I wanted some damn tickets. Unfortunately at 15, there was no way my mother was going to let me go to any concert.  I may not have made it to Power House, but I was lucky to be at my school (University City) when they came to perform before we left for Winter Break. Hearing them sing live was freaking amazing. I mean this was a group who could actually SING live. No technical sprucing for their vocals or anything. They could actually sing. Which brings me to my main question of this blog… What the hell happened to No Question???

I heard rumors (that I’ve yet to be able to substantiate) that the R&B group was getting ripped off by Kenny Gamble and left to work with Chris Schwartz to become Ruff Nations’ first R&B group. I guess that would explain why an extended version of their first album was released…

noq1I also heard that allegedly their sales didn’t reach the levels expected by the record label and they were dropped for Jaheim. (damn… seriously)

Okay, so where are they now? I did some searching on-line and was able to come across them on reverbnation. Instead of it being a quartet, they are now a three-some consisting of Damon, Dante, and a new guy named Nate. Um, where the f*ck is Tommy? Because his voice was the main one that stuck out to me in their album(s). I heard Nicholas was working in a Payless somewhere (hey… at least it’s a job) but again, I haven’t been able to substantiate that. Seems like there are lots of questions about “No Question” but no answers…

For those who want to purchase their first album, good luck finding it. However, the extended version can be found on Amazon and you can listen to this new version of “No Question” on Reverbnation. I follow Tommy on Instagram and befriended him on Facebook. He appears to be doing his own thing with a radio show and other things. (Sigh). Thanks for checking out my blog. Reminisce on the awesome sounds of this group by watching their “I Don’t Care” music video. I’ll be singing at the top of my lungs just like I’m 15 all over again. (Yup I still know all the words). Some of you probably will too. Peace!

It’s “Tupac Tuesday”!!! *Arsenio Hall Fist Pump*!

tupac2pIt’s Tupac Tuesday. Why do I have a “Tupac Tuesday” instead of a twisted Tuesday or $2.00 Tuesday? Well for one, this is my blog and I’ll make Tuesday whatever the hell I want it to be (LOL). No seriously. People don’t realize how much Tupac has inspired me as a writer. While most (who are uninformed, listened to the BS media and are quick to judge a person based off of what others say) only see him as the “Thug” he was stigmatized as in mass media, after paying attention to  a lot of his interviews, actually LISTENING and understanding what he spoke on publicly and in a lot of his rap lyrics, as well as reading some of his poetry in his book “The Rose That Grew From Concrete”, to me, Tupac was much more than the “Gangsta Rapper”.

I was just sitting on the couch thinking over some things, I’ve been going through a lot lately. Whenever I’m going through something or I feel despair, I think of his poem “And 2Morrow”.  And whenever I’m pissed for whatever reason or someone has done some unspeakable shit, I think of his other poem “When your heart turns cold”.

A lot of people claim to be Tupac fans and are so unaware of his poetry. The one thing I always respected and admired about Tupac since I was old enough to listen to his music along with the first time I read his poetry and watched some of his interviews is his way with words. At 22, he had a powerful mind. Nothing is more threatening than a Black man with a powerful mind. When you listen to him speak in his interviews, it was raw with authenticity, passion and he spoke on things that too many are still afraid to touch basis on even today. How can you not respect him as a man, a rapper, a poet, an actor; an all around artist? He was wise beyond his years and I can only imagine what all he could have accomplished had he made it past 25.

I was 16 years old in the 11th grade when my English teacher Dr. Portnoy read “The Rose that Grew from Concrete”. She didn’t show us the cover of the book, she didn’t tell us who the poem was by. She asked the class to guess. Mostly everyone guessed Nikki Giovanni, Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes, and Richard Wright. I can’t tell you how astounded I was when she told the class that the poem was by Tupac. I immediately went to go purchase it. I thank my English teacher for introducing me to that part of Tupac because his poetry inspired me as a fellow poet even more.

So, with everything that I have going on right now and the way I’ve been witnessing the behavior of people around me, friends, family frienenmies… this poem fits my mood. Here is “When Your Heart Turns Cold”, by the “presumed” late and thoroughly great Tupac Amaru Shakur.

When your heart turns cold
it causes your soul 2 freeze
It spreads throughout your spirit
like a ruthless feeling disease
The walls that once were down
now stand firm and tall
Safe from hate/love, pain/joy
until u feel nothing at all
When ure heart turns cold
a baby’s cry means nothing
A dead corpse is trivial
Mothers neglecting children is daily
Loneliness becomes your routine friend
Death seems like tranquility
Sleeping is never pleasant
if u even sleep at all
u forget ideals and turn off the reason
2 make sure the product gets sold
You don’t understand how I behave
Just wait till your heart turns Cold!

20140530_075132Hello readers and thanks for stopping by my blog. I have been such a busy little bee today! I’ve set a goal for the kind of monthly results I would like to meet for my novels and decided the best way for me to accomplish this goal would be to go back to the basics. For the readers who have been following me since my debut in 2012, you may remember that my first website was anitbeetproductions. I was never really happy or satisfied with that website which is why I dismantled it and started my new website (which was designed and built by me!)

So this past week, I spent the bulk of my time gathering lists of news outlets I previously did blog interviews and blog talk radio interviews with and also seeking out entertainment journalist that I may have over looked in the past. I was a little upset when I discovered that I could not find the spread sheets that I had with numerous magazine/newspaper, radio and television contacts, so that is something I will have to pull from my old laptop. I spent today redoing my author bio, press release and sample Q&A. I noticed after going over some of my interviews from the past that there were questions I wish the person interviewing me had asked but didn’t and there were questions that I think I could have answered better. I want to revamp my marketing and promotions strategy in a brand new way.

For those who have been looking for me on Facebook and twitter, sorry but I have deactivated those accounts. I want to take it back to the old days of marketing and promoting my work before social networks became the easy way out. I think I have relied on these sites and other sites to put the word out about my book instead of getting out in the streets, meeting new people and speaking with them to let them know Yani is here and my work is the shit, you don’t want to miss out on it.

I was also made aware of how some of the admins of some of the author/promo groups on Facebook were deleting posts of certain authors! Shady fuckery is what I call it. If it’s supposed to be a group for authors to come and showcase their work, why pull some back biting shit like that and erase their post? I’m not speaking of the groups who do author spotlights and request others to not post during the author spotlights, I’m speaking of ordinary groups who will and have deleted an author’s post for whatever reason. It takes me back to the days of high-school where people had “cliques”. This is a business. Ain’t nobody got time for that clique shit… seriously. I remember when I first came onto the scene and heard authors talking about how other authors would tell people not to buy another author’s book. And how they would have people leave trashy reviews on an author’s book to keep readers from supporting it. I couldn’t believe some of the tactics people were using. How sickening is that? My take on it is if you are confident in your work and you know you are producing quality, what the next author pushes won’t make you fear losing readers. But if you know you’re a hack and your shit is whack (yes I’m rhyming), then I can see why a person would resort to such tasteless tactics. And this, my friends, is why I have always been one to roll solo.

In other news, I may not have mentioned before but I am expecting another little baby Yani in the near future. Yes, I am having a little girl and I can’t wait to meet her.  Right now she is in here Bruce Lee kicking the hell out of me, impatiently awaiting this pizza to get here. The doctor’s say I am due September 21st, but I don’t think I’m going to make it through August. People are already telling me that I look like I’ve dropped. I’m undecided on a baby-shower. I’ve been a total flip flopper, but I’ll have my final answer by Friday. Until then. stay tuned!

That’s all for now. Included in this blog entry is a link to my press-kit. Many of you have been asking me when I am going to do another book signing. This pregnancy has totally slowed me down. As soon as I get back into a rhythm, I will be all over.

Download my Press-Kit

What’s Cooking on the laptop, Yani?

The Author YaniThe question that is constantly asked by my readers is “Yani, when are you coming out with another book? I need something to read!” LOL! I appreciate that enthusiasm. Well, I have quite a few novels in my head at this present time. It’s just a matter of me finding the time to sit down and pen them. I am also not the type to force my work. The novel has to come to me freely without any corners being cut and of course, it has to be FULL LENGTH. Whenever I sat down to write a book, starting from A Thug’s Redemption, it was always like a movie that played in my head and I would write down what I saw, down to the smallest detail. I want my readers to feel like they are watching a movie while they are reading with every page that they turn. So in response to this question-and again, I appreciate the enthusiasm, just be a little more patient with me. Trust me when I tell you something good is coming and this next one is going to blow a lot of people’s minds even more so than Obsessive Intimacies.

So I guess the next question would be, “Is there something cooking on the laptop, Yani?” Absolutely! My next novel is a BDSM/Fetish novel that will be penned from my own experiences as an on-line BDSM Mistress. (yeah… major pause) I know some of you are reading this like, “What the hell? Yani was a Mistress?” For those of you who don’t know what a “Mistress” is, it’s not the pleasant title of the “side chick”. It is actually the title of a dominant woman who indulges in various fetishes with submissive/slaves which can either be male or female. A Mistress is always in control, always assertive, always sure of her place and the place of her subject and can NEVER be topped from the bottom. (No I did not wear the cliche leather cat suit with a whip in my hand. LOL!)I had and still have many admires on-line who served and still serve me when I allow them to and I ruled my “femdom domain” with an iron fist. This next novel that I am working on isn’t “non-fiction”. I have a story to tell and the fact that I have participated in this lifestyle as what they call “an Ebony Femdom Mistress”, I can write it from experience making the novel all the more enjoyable.

I can imagine what the next question will be. “How in the hell did you get into the BDSM lifestyle?” Well… that’s a long story. So to shorten it, I started out on a PSO line using my real photos. A customer saw me and said “You look like a Mistress…” and went on to tell me his fantasies of being a submissive male to a dominant Black woman like me and blah blah blah. I also had a new friend on the site at the time who I will keep nameless, who also told me I look like a mistress and I should run with that persona. I didn’t really know jack shit about being a “Mistress” but before I knew it, calls were coming in, men were ready to serve and pay and the money was amazing. So… an Ebony Mistress was born…

So what is this new novel that I’m speaking of? I won’t give the title because I’ve been seeing a lot of ripping off lately. Instead, I will post a preview here for your enjoyment and to prepare you for what’s to come. I will warn you, this preview is not for the weak minded or those with sensitive eyes. Viewer discretion is STRONGLY advised…

.   .   .

Staring down at this pink bitch as he groveled over the beauty of my perfectly toned calves and thick, ebony thighs encased in a pair of expensive, Italian, silky, shear nylon stockings caused a sexy yet sadistic grin to spread across my face. Another male bitch, broken by my beauty, has fallen hopelessly to his knees, succumbing to an addiction he surely will never be able to overcome. I watched in part disgust and in part amusement as “my bitch” stuck out his long, pink and wet tongue to lick across the bottom of my expensive Christian Louboutin high heel that he graciously purchased using his company’s platinum credit card. I saw him shudder as he let out a joyous groan, his eyes closing in ecstasy as he tasted where my perfect shoe graced the concrete with each step I had previously taken. My ebony beauty and natural female power exuded superiority and flowed outward and over his helpless, submissive and pathetic weak self. “My Bitch” nestled his face against my shoe as a child would snuggle close to his mother for the sake of comfort, belonging and acceptance. What a pathetic loser. And he was just one of many…

I am Goddess Melinda, an Ebony Femdom Mistress. Some consider me a Dominatrix. My pets recognize me as the dominant, ebony femme fatale I am. I am dominant by nature; bossy, bitchy, and a no non-sense taking superior female who joyously prey on the weaknesses of submissive white men who come to me crawling on their pathetic hands and knees to sample my strength in the ability to tame and control the weaker subject. While many look down on the fetish lifestyle, I profit from it; Financial Domination, where I engage in degrading money extractions and humiliating financial expenditures with men who come from wealthy backgrounds that love spoiling a glamorous Ebony Goddess like myself. Men, who understand that their purpose in life is solely to provide for me and enrich my life with the finer things the world has to offer, come from all over to serve me; whether it is on-line through cyber domination, or in person, like this pathetic runt kneeling before me, in a real time session.

I can imagine, that many people frown upon me and see me as some money grubbing prostitute using my body for financial gain. You truly have no idea what you are talking about. It is quite the opposite. Never have I ever stripped for these misfit pigs as I know the key to maintaining the upper hand and remaining in control is to NOT get naked and to NOT engage in any form of sexual contact as that keeps the slave longing for more. I control the libido. Therefore, I control the man. And in that control, I now am the Alpha Female in this power exchange or give and take relationship, and he is merely my bitch. So while chicks are in the clubs, sliding down nasty poles and twerking their bodies this way and that way for part-time, bull-shit, nickel and dime hustlers to make it rain enough for them to catch a cab home and catch a cab back the next night to repeat the same failed process, I simply sit atop my throne and cash in with little to no effort.

At twenty-three years old, I have had my college tuition fully paid for by many of my slaves who have served me and continue to serve me while insuring I become a force to be reckoned with in the “vanilla” work world. I own my own home in an upscale area of New Jersey and have never had to write one single check for my mortgage, as it is paid by one of my many devoted submissives. While I enjoy working in the corporate world as a Financial Adviser for one of the top Stock Brokerage Firms in New York, I truly do not have to as all that I need and all that I want is provided for me on a daily basis. Many people work because they have to. I simply work because I want to.

I could feel “my bitch’s” hands as they massaged too happily against my thighs. I waved my finger at him to let him know he was being a naughty boy before giving him a hard slap to his face.

“You know better,” I said to him in a firm voice with a seductive grin on my face.

He stuttered as he spoke, his face undoubtedly stinging from my slap, “Yes, Mistress. I apologize. May I please have the honor of smelling your divine and perfect ebony feet?”

I gave off a dramatic yawn as if he were boring me. “Why would I let you have that kind of joy when you haven’t done a thing to please me?” I asked him. He knew exactly what I meant by this and immediately crawled over to his wallet and pulled out a knot of cash; twenty $100 dollar bills and fifty $20 dollar bills just the way I liked it. He then put it back in his wallet before clenching it between his teeth and crawled back to me like a good pup. I took the wallet from him and pet him on his head like the good bitch he is and then pulled the money from his wallet. He watched me as I seductively licked my finger, knowing that drove him crazy, and began counting the money. I lift my foot in the air after partially sliding it from the high-heel and let it dangle before him.

“Sniff, bitch!” I ordered him without looking at him as I continued to count MY money.

“Oh thank you, divine Goddess! This pathetic, foot-slave bitch will be happy to smell your sweaty, nylon covered feet!” He eagerly pulled the high-heel from my foot and pressed the inner sole against his face like a gas mask, before inhaling my scent. I could hear him taking deep whiffs of the inside of my shoe as if the very smell were a drug that left him feeling intoxicated.

I giggled, “Smells good, doesn’t it, Foot Bitch?” I asked as I continued to count through the money.

“Yes, Mistress. Your feet are immaculate!” He held onto my foot and sniffed the soles of them. He sniffed from my heel, up the arch of my foot and to my toes. I spread them apart slightly and wiggled them as I knew that would drive him crazy. And that’s when he made a grave mistake. The nasty, foot sniffing, pig-bitch licked the bottom of my foot and put my toe in his mouth. I looked at him with fire in my eyes and threw the money in his face as hard as I could. He jumped, knowing he was in big trouble.

“You insolent little FUCK! Did I tell you that you could taste?” I asked harshly as I rose from my chair.

“N… no Mistress,” he stammered as he cowered on his hands and knees, bracing himself for what he knew was coming next.

I reached back and back-slapped the spit out of him. He whimpered as he continued to cower.

“It never fails! I give you an inch and you try to take a fucking mile! I give you a crumb and you still insist on having the whole fucking slice of cake. I’m going to learn you today, you pathetic, pink, bitch!” I sneered at him.

“I’m sorry, Goddess! I’m such a greedy and pathetic foot-bitch. I couldn’t help myself.”

“Shut up!” I yelled before slapping him again. I pushed him onto the floor and stuck my foot in his face. “This is what you wanted, right?” I asked as I covered practically his entire face with my size 10 foot. He was unable to answer as my toes were smashing his mouth. I pulled my chair closer to him so I could sit down and took my other heel off before placing both of my feet onto his face, trampling him. I playfully tap danced all over his face, neck and chest while belittling and degrading him. When I knew I had him where I wanted him, I made him get back onto his knees.

“Whose bitch are you?” I asked him as I leaned so close to his face he could smell my breath.

“I’m your bitch, Mistress Melinda,” he whimpered.

I slapped him in his face. “What did you call me?”

“I’m sorry, Mistress Melinda,” he said in response.

I slapped the shit out of him again. “Is that how you are allowed to address me, you fucking loser?” I scolded him.

“No, Mistress Melinda,” he replied. I slapped him in his face again, and then back slapped him, and then front slapped him and just as I was about to back slap his pathetic, pink-ass again, he began to shake and grunt loudly. The pathetic bitch was ejaculating all over his floor, never once touching his penis. I laughed at him loudly as I clapped my hands together, tickled with the power I have over some of these worthless runts. He struggled to get control of his breathing as his body jerked like a man suffering from turrets.

I stood up and said with disgust, “Now look at the mess you’ve made. Somebody has to clean it up and it sure as hell won’t be me.” I casually strolled behind him and ran my fingers through his salt and pepper colored hair before grabbing a handful of it and putting my knee into his back, forcing him to bend over. “Lick it up, cum sucker! Every fucking drop!” I felt him try to struggle a little so I tightened the grip on his hair and pushed my knee into his back even more until his face was inches away from his puddle of jizz on the hardwood floors. I heard him let out a piteous groan and peeked around to see him licking the contents of his scrotum sacks off of the floor. He lapped that ball juice up like a cat would lap up a bowl of milk. I shook my head in disgust.

“Mop that fucking floor with your tongue, bitch! You better not leave one fucking drop behind, do you understand me, you nasty, cum guzzling, foot sniffing cunt!”

“Yes, Goddess,” I heard him manage to say with his tongue pressed against the floor. He finished licking up his cock sauce and I let him up. He rushed to the bathroom to rinse his mouth out with whatever mouthwash he had and I slipped back into my five inch Christian Louboutin heels. I picked the money up from off of the floor and slipped it into my Gucci wallet. I heard my bitch returning from the bathroom as I was retrieving my Chosen Furs Lambskin Leather Coat with Fox Fur trim. He now wore a royal blue, terry cloth house robe, covering the flabby curves of his pale body.

“Let me help you with that, Goddess,” my bitch offered. He helped me slip into my coat and handed my Vintage Web Original Gucci handbag to me. “As always, it was a pleasure serving you, Goddess.”

“Of course it was,” I said with a hint of conceit to my voice. I flipped my long, kinky and curly mane over my shoulders as I adjusted the collar to my coat.

“May I call you tonight on Flirt-Chat?” he asked with a hopeful look on his face.

I shrugged as if I were bored with him, which I absolutely was. “I’ll think about it. I have other things to do. But if I feel like tolerating you once more this evening, you can message me on Yahoo to find out.”

“Thank you, Goddess. I hope you will allow me to speak with you once more.”

I ignored his last comment as he opened the door for me. “Catch you later, Jerry.” I slipped on my Gucci framed sunglasses and made my way out to my 2013 Mercedes CLS63 AMG Coupe. The sun hadn’t yet set and it appeared as though pink, orange and purple colored taffies were stretching across the sky. A brief drizzle had moved through the area leaving the air damp and chilly. I tweaked the alarm on my car and climbed inside. I didn’t start it right away as my thoughts drifted off to Jerry; the foot sniffing, cum licking slave and the many others who were like him. Jerry wasn’t a bad looking man; his eyes were the color of a blue sky with a hint of gray as if a storm were approaching. Though he was in his 50s, his face was that of a man barely pushing 35. He was beyond financially stable and a partner at a Law Firm, yet he chose to have a young, dominant Black woman humiliate him in some of the most degrading manners while he paid handsomely for the opportunity. The disgusting acts that he along with many others indulged in solidified my reasons behind leading a single life. Though I was far from being a lesbian and enjoyed the company of the Alpha Black Male, knowing that there were men in the world who enjoyed cuckolding, cock and ball torture, self-bukkake, small cock humiliation, and worshiping Big Black Cock, angered me a bit. Some of these men were not the typical weak punks who submissive men are misinterpreted as being. A lot of these men were the go to guys, the men who were once popular jocks in school, leaders at their jobs, and led a pretty dominant life. Those were the ones who mostly enjoyed the perverse doings in the BDSM and Fetish lifestyle. They were the main ones sneaking off to Glory Holes in the adult book stores and theaters, seeking out random dicks to suck on in dark, musky booths that reeked of sex from its previous occupants’ jerk off sessions. If a lot of women knew what I knew, they might be a little more cautious about who they bedded, trusted, had children by and ultimately married. I was well aware of these creatures of dark and kinky habits. And with this knowledge, I take full advantage daily; an Ebony Femme Fatale indeed…

Yani’s Rant against Urban Fiction

The Author Yani
The Author Yani

Hello everyone and thank you for stopping by my blog. This is more-so a continuation from my last blog entry where I was introducing myself. But I saw where it was turning into a rant about my disdain for what urban fiction has been turned into, so I decided to create another blog entry for that purpose alone.

I watch what is going on in the Literary World and I am not happy with it. I can’t even count the number of “novels” (and I say the shit loosely because I’m sorry, a book with 134 pages is not a got damn novel, please stop it) that have the same re-hashed story line similar to New Jack City, King of New York, Menace to Society, Boyz in Da Hood, it’s getting sickening. I can’t tell you how many excerpts I’ve read where the story line goes like this- Typical Thug strives to make his come-up by becoming the most notorious drug lord in whatever Urban City setting. Typical Thug meets typical gold digging hood-rat who sets him up against his enemies and now it’s time for payback… Or this one; Typical hood chick comes from a hard knock life filled with despair, parents who didn’t care, was always broke and dreamed of having it all. Typical hood chick meets typical hustler who transforms her like Optimus Prime while giving  her a taste of “Kool C’s Glamorous Life”. Typical Thug gets tragically killed or locked up leaving Typical Chick out in the cold and forced to keep up with this glamorous life by either becoming a “bad boss bitch hustler” or a “stripper” until she meets her next big pay day. Seriously…? It disgusts me and depresses me that I can’t get a quality urban fiction novel with a well thought out, ORIGINAL plot, that does not depict Black Men as Hustlers, Drug Dealers, Pimps and wanna be King Pins and women as gold digging hoes who will sell out their pussy to the highest bidder just to become the next “bad bitch”. Come on man! But hey… this is what happens when lack of originality and lack of creativity prevails. And let’s not talk about the poor grammar in the dialogue and the poor grammar throughout some of these books. I know I’ve had a couple of mistakes when I first released “A Thug’s Redemption” but I hurried up and pulled those shits and printed again with corrections. And even now I let readers know, if you find an error, don’t be afraid to let me know so the next time I print, that can be corrected as well. It’s called good business.
Now let’s talk about the ebooks for .99cents…

When I first began seeing this on Amazon, I thought to myself “What the hell?” I was against it from the gate. But as I did some research for marketing and promotional reasons, a lot of people suggested that .99cent ebook deals was a great way to generate more readers. I was still against it but figured I’d try it and see where it got me. Now, A Thug’s Redemption had previously made it onto the Amazon’s Best Seller’s list for Kindle when it first came out but I didn’t really know what that meant. A Thug’s Redemption made it back onto the list when I made the kindle book available for .99cents. Yes, that was a nice accomplishment but meanwhile, the artist in me knew better.  I worked too hard on that book to sell it for pennies FLAT OUT.  I take too much pride in my efforts as a writer, in my talent, in my ability to construct a well thought out plot and actually produce a full length QUALITY novel. My book is better than .99cents. Shit, all of my novels are better than .99cents. And unless it is a new release promotion, which even then, I doubt I will use this tactic, you will NEVER catch any of my novels in ebook format lower than $2.99. So cheap readers who want to read for free, that’s what the library is for. Get a library card. Cheap readers who only want to pay $.99 for an ebook, my work is not for you. I cannot market to that field of readers. But for those who seek a quality read and are familiar with the saying “You get what you pay for” (because trust me, I have read some of these $.99 titles and JEEZUS!!!) and know sometimes going cheap leaves you disappointed and full of regrets, my books are for you.

This post isn’t meant to offend other authors who use this tactic, to each their own. I’m not recanting my words, it’s my blog, it’s my opinion, I stand by it. If I were to apologize for saying what’s on my mind, that would make me faker than a 52nd street Prada hand-bag. Some have the philosophy that they would rather have 100 sells at $.99 than only 10 sells at $2.99. But if you market and promote your work effectively and efficiently, you can get 100 sells at $2.99. To me $.99 ebooks are just a quick way to generate a lot of sells in a short period of time and on the one hand, maybe that’s a good thing. But if your shit is garbage and you release another book, of those previous sales, how many repeat customers will come back? So I say master your craft first and produce quality work so you can be paid what you’re worth. I don’t like being under paid and to sell my novels that I worked so hard on for $.99 is like doing a disservice to myself.

That’s all for now. As you know, you can check out my work on my personal website You can also purchase from my website using paypal and get FREE SHIPPING or for those who enjoy reading ebooks, you can find me on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, ibook, Kobo, Google Books/Google Play and Smashwords. Thanks for checking out my blog. Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments. Follow me on twitter and Instagram and check out my youtube channel. Peace!

Heads Up- Introductory Post to Yani Speaks

The Author Yani
TAY- The Author Yani

Hello everyone, and welcome to my new blog, “Yani Speaks”. For my old readers, you may have been used to my blog “Philly Support Philly”. That Blog is no more. I needed to focus more on myself and what I am trying to accomplish as a self-published author which meant I had no time for anything outside of that. New readers, welcome! I must warn you that I will be holding no punches in this blog. I will speak my mind eloquently, respectfully but BLUNTLY. This blog will be about me, my work as a self-published author, events that I will have coming up as well as my views and opinions on the what’s happenings in and around Philadelphia, the music industry- specifically hip-hop and R&B- sports and any and everything else that I feel like talking about.
A little bit about myself- My name is “Yani”. I am a Philadelphia native. I used to live in North Philly in Blumberg Projects until my family moved to Germantown and now I am in West Oaklane. I know a lot of authors say in their interviews that they’ve been writing since as long as they can remember. Let me be more specific. I started writing stories when I was about four years old. My favorite cartoon at the time was “Tom & Jerry” and as a child, I still remember how much I wanted Tom to get that damn mouse! (LOL) So I began writing my own versions of Tom & Jerry in this little notebook with a cream colored cover and a black spine. I mostly remember asking my mother or older brothers and sisters how to spell “cheese”. I can recall leaving the story on our glassed table one day when I went upstairs to play the old 8 bit Nintendo with my sisters and my brother Victor sat at the table and began drawing in his sketch pad. He saw my story and the little pictures I tried to draw of Tom chasing Jerry as Jerry was trying to get the cheese and he read it. Afterwards, he came upstairs laughing and asked, “Who wrote this?” I was a little frightened thinking he was going to tell me the story was ridiculous and throw it away but I timidly said to him that I wrote it. He laughed some more and said, “That was funny. You should write some more.”
I knew I had a gift as a writer as early as elementary school, second grade to be exact. I’m sure some of you can remember being assigned homework where you had to write short stories using the spelling words of the week. My stories were always long, dramatic and comical. I would even go as far as doing voices for each of my characters to make my classmates laugh as I read my stories and my teacher loved it. My writing impressed them so much that when it came time to have important assemblies, I was mostly always chosen to give the welcome speech.
My writing progressed from elementary school short and comical stories to essays on Langston Hughes, Richard Wright and other influential African Americans from long ago. The one compliment that remained the same with all of my teachers is that I was mature beyond my years and if I stayed focused, my writing could take me a long way.
I wrote my first poem when I was 13 entitled “Incomplete Dream” for our Martin Luther King Jr studies. My classmates and teachers loved it. I also began free-styling and rapping as a way to keep the bullies at bay. Yes, Yani had a few bullies who liked to tease me for being dark-skinned, for not dressing flashy like the other girls and blah blah blah. But those ass-clowns surely faded to black once they realized my lyrical disses were way more harsh than what they could dish out and soon, those who threw shade at me became my admirers.
High-school is where my writing really took off. I began writing numerous poems, one of which was called, “A Time to See”, which I may post here at the end of this post. I also wrote my first book, “A Thug’s Redemption” when I was fifteen and my friends kept up with it like it was a black soap opera. Yes baby, we would sit in the back of our biology class and I would read to them what I wrote in the book from the night before and I had them hooked! Their encouragement is what kept me going because Lord, I was going through so much at home. Writing became my escape. I would sit on our porch or in the living room and write for hours on end.
It would be more than twelve years before I was able to publish “A Thug’s Redemption” the way that I wanted to. I first tried to become self published in 2003. I did so much research and sent out so many letters. But back then, people wanted so much freaking money just for a little bit of information. Things were definitely not as accessible back then as it is now. Since I was pregnant with my daughter, I figured maybe it wasn’t time for me to be a writer and maybe I should think more realistically since I would soon have a child to look after. So I foolishly put my dream on hold. It wasn’t until my sister published her poetry book “Entangled Hearts” through Publish America that I began working towards my dream again. Let me keep it all the way real with you. Publish America is a got-damn rip-off. Trust me when I tell you, anything that’s free AIN’T FREE!! Now my book would be considered Urban Fiction, which even at that time, sold for no more than $15.00. These bastards were trying to sell my book for $29.99! And guess what my royalty amount would have been after each sell? $1.97!! Nigga what? To make matters worse, they don’t offer editing services, they don’t really promote you like that. You have to set up your own book signings. At best if I remember correctly, they put your book on Amazon and I think a few other outlets. But you’re going to sell my book for damn near double what the going rate is and then you bastards are going to give me pennies from each sell?? I told everyone- “Don’t buy that book”. I put my heart and soul into that book and I would be damned if I allowed someone else to reap the rewards of my talent and hard work. I felt like TLC. So I said “Fuck that”, and went an entire year with no sales. They sent me an email offering me the chance to purchase back my rights and I jumped on that opportunity like a starving man on a Christmas ham.
Since the release of “A Thug’s Redemption”, I have released two sequels, turning what originally started out as a story to cope with the accidental murder of one my friends, into a trilogy where all three have made it onto the Amazon’s best seller’s list. Now this is where I need to get all the way real with you readers…
Because this post is already long with me introducing myself, I’m going to cut this short and create a second post. This will be my rant against what Urban Fiction has become. Thanks for reading! PEACE!

If you are interested in reading quality, entertaining, edge of your seat, page turning fiction, click the following link to Preview Novels by Yani Purchase signed copies with FREE shipping by visiting Novels by Yani. Right now, I have a sale going on that you don’t want to miss! Ebook readers can find my novels on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo, ibook, Google Books/Google Play Store, and Smashwords. Again, thanks for checking me out! Below is the poem “A Time to See” that I mentioned above.

A Time to See
Have you ever took the time to understand the reality of society?
The individuality of a woman’s personality
A strong man trying to control his sexuality
Black people coming up in the world of technology?
But instead, my people are blind
And don’t take the time to recognize
The strength in the minds of both you and I
It’s a time to see
Us walking through the shadows of hell’s hottest fire
Searching in ourselves to find that true desire
Putting our lives on the line so that we can inspire
That decreasing generation on a real live wire
Do the right thing so your purpose in life doesn’t expire
Let the truth be in you instead of you being the liar
It’s about time to see
That cause and effect in your life is your own
Step up to the plate, take charge of your throne
If you see a homeless man, it won’t hurt to throw him a bone
Instead of abortion, keep your babies, bring them home
Nobody in this world or in life should be alone
But if you can’t respect your mother, then you need to be on your own
So open your eyes and see

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