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All These Flavors… And You Choose Salty

The Author Yani
The Author Yani

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back! I hope everyone had an awesome week and is ready to start this new week off with a POW! Peep the title of this blog post. “All These Flavors … And You Choose Salty”. What exactly does that mean? Exactly what it says! No metaphors, no hidden messages, straight like that with no chaser!

I’ve touched on the topic of females knowingly being side chicks and being alright with holding that title. Me personally, I think it’s dumb and pathetic to demean yourself like that, but I’ve come to realize after lots of observation that too many of these chicks flat out don’t give a fuck. They do it purposely as though they have something to prove. They have to show that they are better than the next chick. They have to win. They’ll go above and beyond the call of duty of a side chick thinking it will cause that man to pay more attention to her than the rest of the chicks he’s dealing with. She’ll dress a little sexier, wear her jeans a little tighter, her skirts become shorter, her cleavage becomes more exposed. She’ll begin to walk a certain way, talk a certain way, suck and fuck him like a porn star so she can win and be able to stick her tongue out at the other bitches on some nan nan na boo boo type shit. She’s completely transformed herself into a decepti-thot to suit his needs. She’s changed herself without even realizing it, thinking she’ll have one up on the other chicks. Honey, sweetheart, sugar foots, baby cakes… let me tell you something. Let me tell all of you side chicks something. All of that is for naught! You played yourself. Because after he has his way with you, guess who he’s ultimately going back to? His wife, wifey, the one who holds his heart. The one who can stimulate more than just his dick. The one who challenges him to be better and believes in his dreams. The one who is above the silly young girl bullshit and is more focused on building a life with him. She actually, is the one I feel sorry for, not you silly salty bitches. You can suck a nigga’s dick until his toes are throwing up gang signs, and after that 15 minutes of pleasure, you still hold the same spot you held before- his thing of the moment. So what did you really win? Who did you really beat? What’s up with your low self-esteem, now? Better yet, how does that salt taste?

I had to write this blog post because I see far too many women on social media who brag about fucking another woman’s man. Why settle for being a man’s one of many instead of finding a man who will treat you like you’re one in a million. That shit ain’t cute and is a sure fire way of getting your fronts knocked out. Rarely does a situation ever work in the side chicks favor where a man leaves his real woman for the bitch he’s fucking on the side. And in few situations where the man does end up with the side chick, it’s because his woman done gave him a taste of his own medicine and his fragile male ego couldn’t handle it. In that regard, you still didn’t win. You’re just the plan B, the consolation prize, The I can’t have what I want so I might as well get what I can take, girl. And if you’re happy with that scenario, you don’t need to build your self-esteem up, honey you need to just go drink a cup of womanhood and find some self-esteem. While you’re at it, remember this: the same way you got him will be the same way you lose him. Look at Kevin Hart. Went on and on about how that girl was his rib and he fucked around and treated her like a McRib sandwich off the fucking McDonald’s dollar menu. Chile please.

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Dating- Netflix and Chill- Situationships

I’m starting to think that dating has gone out of style like hi-top Reeboks and bobby-socks. Seriously. I know times have changed but got-damn, what the hell is Netflix and Chill? LOL! I swear I’m about to start blogging from my Galaxy so I can insert the proper emojis at the proper times LOL!

I have not dated in a while. After things with south with Demetrius and Dallas’ dad (for the umpteenth time, I swear I don’t know why I kept giving that ass-clown chances… wait… yeah I do… never mind) I said I was going to take a break, make sure I had myself together mentally, emotionally, financially because I partially believe that the people we attract are a reflection of ourselves. And man I was attracting some strange shit. Men with no aspirations to do anything other than the next get rich quick scheme, men who had absolutely no intentions of moving out of their parents’ home and getting a place of their own unless they were moving in with the chick of the moment, men who had no goals and that is not like me at all. So for the last two years, I haven’t had men to think about. I just wanted to get myself together.

Recently, I tried getting back into the scene again. And one thing I noticed is that a lot of guys are not taking women out on real dates. They aren’t courting women anymore. Every single guy that I came across wanted to “come see me”, “Come chill,” “watch a movie and chill”. (Enter wtf emoji face here). Just be up front about the shit and say can I come over and fuck. Like seriously bruh! Lets just be real! This is a real problem for me because I feel like, I can sit at home and chill by myself. I can watch Netflix and chill on my solo. The way I see it, this Netflix and Chill shit along with situationships came about two ridiculous ways…

1) Chicks lowered their standards. At the end of the day, Men pick, but Women choose and men are really only going to do what we allow them to do. If we allow them to not take us out and only come over to order cheap, bullshit Chinese food while watching cable TV or Netflix, then that’s what they’re going to do. By no means do I completely have a problem with that. But if every time I try to set something up for us to spend time together and the first thing that pops out of a Ninja’s mouth is  “Can I come see you?” or “Can I come chill?” to me, that says that he’s not looking for anything that serious, all he wants to do is “play”.

2) Guys are becoming cautious about taking women out on dates because (sorry to dime some of you women out- I’ve heard quite a few women admitting to doing this) a lot of times a women won’t like a guy but if he is paying for a date, dinner, movie or whatever, she’ll go out with him, knowing she really isn’t that interested in him. That’s happened so many times that now now men are guarding their time and guarding their pockets not wanting either of them to be wasted, preferring to just visit a woman at her house before going out on a real date.

I guess to solve the problem in number two would be for guys to pay attention to the signs. If you a chick doesn’t seem that into you when you’re talking to her on the phone or texting her but then suddenly perk up when you mention taking her out, you might want to re-think that. If she doesn’t respond to your texts until you mention a date and then all of a sudden she’s coordinating where to take her, you might want to rethink that.

To solve the problem in number 1, chicks, stop being so quick to let these guys come over to your house and chill. Get to know his intentions before you’re all snuggled up with him on the couch and then before you know it, you’re bent over and in a situationship that you’re mistaking for a relationship and he just sees you as somebody he’s kicking it with.

I peep game with these guys now. If all you want to do is chill, I’m not for you, bruh.