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All These Flavors… And You Choose Salty

The Author Yani
The Author Yani

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back! I hope everyone had an awesome week and is ready to start this new week off with a POW! Peep the title of this blog post. “All These Flavors … And You Choose Salty”. What exactly does that mean? Exactly what it says! No metaphors, no hidden messages, straight like that with no chaser!

I’ve touched on the topic of females knowingly being side chicks and being alright with holding that title. Me personally, I think it’s dumb and pathetic to demean yourself like that, but I’ve come to realize after lots of observation that too many of these chicks flat out don’t give a fuck. They do it purposely as though they have something to prove. They have to show that they are better than the next chick. They have to win. They’ll go above and beyond the call of duty of a side chick thinking it will cause that man to pay more attention to her than the rest of the chicks he’s dealing with. She’ll dress a little sexier, wear her jeans a little tighter, her skirts become shorter, her cleavage becomes more exposed. She’ll begin to walk a certain way, talk a certain way, suck and fuck him like a porn star so she can win and be able to stick her tongue out at the other bitches on some nan nan na boo boo type shit. She’s completely transformed herself into a decepti-thot to suit his needs. She’s changed herself without even realizing it, thinking she’ll have one up on the other chicks. Honey, sweetheart, sugar foots, baby cakes… let me tell you something. Let me tell all of you side chicks something. All of that is for naught! You played yourself. Because after he has his way with you, guess who he’s ultimately going back to? His wife, wifey, the one who holds his heart. The one who can stimulate more than just his dick. The one who challenges him to be better and believes in his dreams. The one who is above the silly young girl bullshit and is more focused on building a life with him. She actually, is the one I feel sorry for, not you silly salty bitches. You can suck a nigga’s dick until his toes are throwing up gang signs, and after that 15 minutes of pleasure, you still hold the same spot you held before- his thing of the moment. So what did you really win? Who did you really beat? What’s up with your low self-esteem, now? Better yet, how does that salt taste?

I had to write this blog post because I see far too many women on social media who brag about fucking another woman’s man. Why settle for being a man’s one of many instead of finding a man who will treat you like you’re one in a million. That shit ain’t cute and is a sure fire way of getting your fronts knocked out. Rarely does a situation ever work in the side chicks favor where a man leaves his real woman for the bitch he’s fucking on the side. And in few situations where the man does end up with the side chick, it’s because his woman done gave him a taste of his own medicine and his fragile male ego couldn’t handle it. In that regard, you still didn’t win. You’re just the plan B, the consolation prize, The I can’t have what I want so I might as well get what I can take, girl. And if you’re happy with that scenario, you don’t need to build your self-esteem up, honey you need to just go drink a cup of womanhood and find some self-esteem. While you’re at it, remember this: the same way you got him will be the same way you lose him. Look at Kevin Hart. Went on and on about how that girl was his rib and he fucked around and treated her like a McRib sandwich off the fucking McDonald’s dollar menu. Chile please.

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Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, TGIT!

Grey's Anatomy
Grey’s Anatomy

I swear, Shonda Rhimes has Thursday nights on SMASH! You get just the right dosage of drama with a (sick) twist of comedy and suspense in two amazing shows. (I haven’t become a fan of How to get Away With Murder so I can’t vouch for that show. No Shade though…) I have been watching Grey’s Anatomy since it first came out in 2005. When I heard Patrick Dempsey was going to be starring in it along with Isaiah Washington, I knew Thursday nights would be much more interesting than they had been since New York Undercover met an untimely demise back in 1997. (After Tores was blown to smithereens, I tried watching it when they brought in Tommy from Martin, but that shit was so ass.) I was never really a fan of hospital dramas (outside of General Hospital. Who doesn’t love Sonny Corinthos?!). I never watched E.R or Doogie Houser, or none of those other shows. And I won’t lie, when I first began seeing the commercials for Grey’s Anatomy, I was like- Ugh! Another hospital drama? Gimme a break. But Patrick Dempsey has been a joy to watch on the screen since I saw the movie Mobsters with him and Christian Slater when I was a little girl. And Isaiah Washington! Wooo! That man rocks!
Derek & MeredithLast year (sniff sniff) when McDreamy died (sniff sniff) I swear to God I cried. Yes I did, damn it. Especially the part where you could hear his thoughts and he was like “Great, I’m going to die because these people are idiots.” When McDreamy died, I laid down the law! I said I was finished! No more Grey’s Anatomy! First George, then Izzy left, then the shooting at the hospital, then the plane crash that killed Little Grey and McSteamy, not to mention Burke was gone and then Christina left, too! I said the hell with this. Shonda, I love you, boo. But this shit with McDreamy getting killed was just too much! But like all drug addicts, I found myself falling off the wagon and I came crawling back. But if you get rid of Korev on some f*cked up bullsh*t, I’m really done. I’m breaking up with Grey’s Anatomy for good. Our 11 year relationship will be finished! Now, about this last episode…
You Are No Mc-DreamyShonda is trying so hard to make this new guy slinking around in Meredith’s life likeable. Yeah, he’s kinda cute in a 90s Beverly Hills 90210/Melrose Place/Saved By the Bell kinda way with the dark eyes and the scruffy-ness around his chin and the not so perfect McDreamy hair but he’s not DEREK! So why did I catch myself grinning over their scenes together. I literally felt like I had traded on my boy LOL. So they went out on a couple of dates, and while Meredith didn’t get into her “dark & twisty” mood like she has in the past, (crying like she did with George O’Malley when they slept together) she did snap in a strange way that had her half-sister ready to knock his ass smooth out when she heard Meredith screaming for him to get out. And then as Meredith is going on this cleaning frenzy, she comes across Derek’s old blanket and her whole expression changed. It wasn’t a moment where she was reminded that she was a widow and the man she loved and went through so much to be with had died (the show says two years ago even though for us it was one). It was more so like, she was in a bad place sleeping with this new guy and even in death, Derek was still her peace, he was still her solace and through her having his blanket, he was able to calm her down. So she sees the blanket in the closet and she freezes and then she just kinda chuckles before grabbing it from the closet. Then she says to Korev that the cleaning is done and wraps the blanket around herself before sitting in front of the fire place. It was a beautiful moment as they showed flash backs of the two of them together. I’m sorry Patrick Dempsey left the show. His relationship with Meredith was just so enjoyable.
Callie has to get it together with her new girlfriend, lying about how Arizona felt about their daughter meeting her new girlfriend. That was so messy. Messy, messy messy! Glad she cleaned it up in the end.
Then we have the drama with Pierce and Deluca. How the hell Deluca wanted them to go public, but ended up not being able to handle the pressure of dating an attendee so he tries to flea Pierce off. I loved it when she said, “No- I do the brushing off. Nobody brushes me off.” That’s right, boo. Because he ain’t all that cute anyway. What the hell is a Deluca anyway? Sounds like a boogie that was sneezed out of somebody’s nose or an STD LOL. I will not be sad if some tragedy happens at the end of the season and he is killed off. Buh-Bye!
April and JacksonLastly, we go to April and Jackson. Just when I thought Debbie Allen couldn’t play the role of the “bitchy mother-in-law from hell” any better, she proves me wrong by being the “bitchy EX mother-in-law from hell”. She had me thinking she was being the sweet, caring soon to be grandma who was concerned about April and the baby’s well being when really she was just pumping that girl for information so she could nail her ass to the wall. Lord Momma Avery got something up her sleeves! But I have a feeling whatever it is will back-fire and either cause Jackson and April to get back together or it will cause her to miscarry. That would be tragic considering what already happened to their baby last season. I hope they get back together because they were such a cute couple. She has to chill though. April really has to chill and stop looking for arguments where there aren’t any. All Jackson has to do is bat those fine, sexy green eyes and keep on smiling, baby. Keep on smiling. LOL! Woooo This post is long and I haven’t even gotten to Scandal. I might have to take this to video after this entry and start doing Youtube clips. My fingers feel strong as shit right now. LOL But let’s get to Scandal!
scandalOlivia, Olivia, Olivia! Girrrrrl you have turned into quite the character. I don’t know if it was because of the kidnapping from last season or everything that happened when it came out that she was indeed the President’s mistress, but she is out of her mind! First with stalking Jake to “see what he is up to” when really she was looking like the ex-fuck buddy who was scoping out the new piece of ass and comparing notes before throwing heavy shade. Yes baby, she told Jake last week that nobody can “ride him” like she does. I damn near fainted. Chile, damn the tea! Pass the vodka! Now this week, she was on some vindictive stuff trying to get Susan’s real baby daddy, who is sitting in jail, to spill to the world that he is the baby daddy and not the army man who was killed in the line of duty. When the guy told her that he wasn’t going to do it, she threatened to have drugs planted in his cell room to add on more time and all kinds of craziness. Huck wasn’t feeling that shit at all considering he has a kid and his main thing was what they were doing could eventually hurt Susan’s kid. Olivia is like fuck that, I don’t lose. I win. Before that man would snitch on Susan and tank her entire political career, he hung himself in his cell. SMH. Olivia needs to be reeled back in before she leaves any more bodies in her wake. This is why last week, Edison told her that he was doing business with the monster’s father (meaning he is doing business with Papa Pope, the father of the monster -Oliva LOL Oooh Burn!) Cyrus is still a bad, bad boy. I know he was the one who got the nurse to recant her story about Edison being admitted for pain-pill addiction and depression, even at the risk of making the candidate whose campaign he was running look bad and taking a hit in the polls. He just wanted to get rid of the competition, being the brother who was stealing his shine while running the campaign. Cyrus is such a bastard, but you got to love him. But the highlight of the show was jake1when Poppa Pope got in Edison’s ass. Yes baby! He got in his ass so fine, he had Edison standing in the kitchen looking like a total bitch while Jake (I love this dude LOL) Jake… LMFAO Jake was sitting at the got-damn kitchen table fucking some fried chicken up watching the whole thing, like damn… glad that ain’t me getting a chunk of my ass torn out. And after Poppa Pope got in that ass, Jake says to Edison- “It’s some chicken in the fridge if you want some.” LMAO I was so dead on that scene. Papa Pope
If you missed Thursdays episode of Grey’s Anatomy or Scandal, you can catch them both on Hulu. I will be back next Thursday watching Grey’s Anatomy at 8pm EST and Scandal at 9pm EST on 6 ABC. Follow me on twitter @urbanlit_goddes to tweet with me as we watch, laugh and maybe even have a glass of wine… or two… or three depending on how juicy the episodes are. As always my loves, it has been a pleasure. PEACE!