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Those Got-Damn Eagles!!!

eaglesEagles fucking up and Chip Kelly is letting em! Week three and I am sad to say that it has been quite disappointing… no wait… that’s not accurate. Hmm… let’s try disgusting… embarrassing! An all around disgrace. I’m still recovering from the devastating loss against the Cowboys. But yesterday… yesterday was like a man flirting his ass off to get the girl of his dreams attention only for the chick to have a man and not give him the time of day. What in three hells happened, Eagles. I mean the first half had me looking at my TV screen in between periodically holding my head as though I was nursing a migraine, like “BRUH!!!”. Five sacks! Seriously? The incomplete passes, the fumbles, oh dear Lord, I think it’s safe to say while watching the rest of the games this season, I better have me a bottle of Jose Cuervo next to me because a drink was definitely needed yesterday! Caleb Sturgis jacked up a 33 yard field goal that quite possibly cost the Eagles the game. I mean c’mon son! You had one job! Don’t get me wrong, Celek and Austin did their thing when bringing us back from the brink but it’s like when the Eagles get a lead, they get comfortable. So big surprise when the Redskins came creeping up from behind in the last two minutes of the game and snuck in the win by three points. It would have been a tie that took us into OT had Sturgis not missed the got damn field goal! Nevertheless, I bleed green. I love my Eagles. Win, lose or tie, I’m an Eagles fan till I die. And even though my daughter’s name is Dallas, there will be no Cowboys fans in my house. Let’s pray the Eagles get it together in their next game!