Yani-Speaks on Fox’s Empire Episode- Death Will Have His Day

EmpireOkay love’s, I am a little late with this post because I was a tad busy handling some book business. And then Verizon wanted to be acting like a total dickwad, so I missed the first 30 minutes of the episode. As you can imagine, I was pissed. But I made sure I caught up on it on Hulu about an hour ago so YAAAAASSSSS!!! Here’s my take…

Boo-Boo Kitty needs her ass whipped, immediately. The way she shoved ol’ girl down those steps like that was just FOUL! I’m not going to  lie to y’all, the close ups they did on her face as she was somersaulting down the steps had me DYING!

I know I’m dead wrong for that but, my imagination is just twisted like that soooo.
Now let’s get to Cookie beating that ass with that broom. Yes, Hakeem seriously needed that ass whipped handing over the Empire to some “Half-Lesbian” (Cookies words, not mine LOL) just to spite his dad. I would have done more than beat his ass with that broom. I would’ve taken my boot off and did damage.  Naomi Campbell looks damn good though! Looks just like she did when she kidnapped Detective Williams’ (played by Malik Yoba) son on New York Undercover. For you youngins, you don’t know anything about that. That show had Thursdays lit long before Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy came on the scene.

I was looking forward to seeing Alicia Keys in another episode. Hopefully, that won’t be the last we see of Skye. (Just don’t turn her into a stalking ass scorned lover. Boo-Boo Kitty already has that down to a science with her crazy ass.) I will say, that dress and cardigan that she had on when she went to “offer her condolences” to Rhonda (eye roll) was major slayage. It’s hard to hate on the “bitch” she is portraying on Empire when she slays like that. WORK! And as Rhonda is boo-hoo hooing her eyes out about the loss of her baby, this chick says “Some things just aren’t meant to be.” I pray before the end of the season, Cookie beats the shit out of her with her trendy broom. HA!

Now let’s get to that suit Hakeem was wearing.Hakeem Lyon What in three hells was that? The nigga had the Classifieds, the Editorials, and Breaking News up and down his ass in that hot fashion mess. Ugh! I was so irked when I saw him, like who dressed you this morning? Bet money some young dumb ass is going to try to rock that to their prom or to a party. Epic Fashion Fail!

Jamal gotta decide what team he wants to play on. Are you  a sausage sucker or a deep sea fisher? Which is it? And while he was right that it’s nobody’s business, once you become a public figure, your business is everybody’s business like it or not and he’s causing some serious confusion. Judging by the previews, it looks like his lover Michael (who was getting his dick sucked by the photographer on the sly- oops) may be back. Don’t fall for it, Mally! You don’t know if your licking another man’s ball juice from ole Mikey’s lips. LMAO!

How many of y’all thought Lucious was going to blow Hakeem’s back stabbing ass away? Did Lucious Frames Hakeem?I said “Oh Lord, he finna have his ass swimming like Bunky.” LMAO. I have a plot twist in mind for the wonderful writers of Empire. How dope and conniving at the same time would it be if Lucious had Hakeem touch the gun he used to kill Bunky so he could later frame him?! Woah, that would be a crazy plot twist. And use that as a means to take back Empire. Now I know some of y’all are probably saying, that’s pretty fucked up. But this is Lucious we’re talking about. That man is the devil. He let his baby-momma go to jail for 17 years while he moved on and created this Empire, only to replace her with the younger and lighter skinned Boo-Boo Kitty. Then he killed her cousin in cold blood and THEN we find out that the baby that Raven Symone’s character Olivia (hah that was her name on the Cosby’s… I wonder…) allegedly had by Jamal was really Lucious’! Wooo! So yeah, that would be a hell of a plot twist. Think about it, Empire Writers. And you can thank me later. Muah!

Empire, starring my man Terrence Howard, the beautiful Taraji P. Henson, Jussie Smollet, Byshere Y. Gray, Trai Byers, Grace Gealey and Kaitlin Doubleday comes on Wednesdays on Fox 29 at 9pm EST.  It was created by Lee Daniels and the music is produced by Timbaland. It’s a hot show that will have you laughing your ass off one minute and then sitting with your mouth hanging open, not believing what you’re seeing the next minute. Don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself! Stream Season one and catch up on season 2 on hulu. See you guys next time. MUAH!

Kindle Unlimited Program- Is it Worth It or Nah?

To enlist your titles into Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Program, or to not enlist your titles, that is the question…

For the last two weeks, I have been researching the Kindle Unlimited Program and the new way it is paying authors through Kindle Edition Normalized Pages Read (KENP) and I found a few articles that (at first) had me excited about the possible pay out, and then I came across some other blogs and articles that had me scratching my head like “What the F#?@?” I’m telling y’all now, Amazon thinks they’re slick as shit.

For those who don’t know, Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Program is like an All You Can Eat Buffet for readers. For $9.99/month, you can download a ton of books. For the chronic reader who reads 6-10 books per week (that used to be me before I started having children lol), that’s like a cause for a literary orgasm. Meanwhile, there may be folks who just download a whole bunch of titles with the intent to read them, but due to their schedule and whatever they have going on in their lives at the moment, they don’t get around to them until days, weeks, hell maybe even months after the initial download. Before KUP switched over to the KENP method, Amazon used to pay authors the portion of their book’s earnings (after their cut of course) as long as 10% of the book was read. So for someone who had a 150 page book priced at $2.99 on kindle, as long as the person who downloaded it read the first 15 pages, the author was paid $2.09 for that book. So if 200 people downloaded that book and read at least the first 10% of that book, that author made  $418 off of that title. Now enter the KENP program where an author no longer gets paid for the 10% of the book that was read. They are paid per page read, and some articles are calculating that Amazon is paying $0.005 and $0.004 per page! How the hell do you pay half of a cent per page? Now let’s go back to the same book. The calculations that Amazon used was this: If 200 people read the 150 page book completely, that’s 30,000 pages read. The KUP fund for the month of March is $14 million. The number of pages read in February across the board was 1.9 billion. So you would multiply 30,000 pages read by $14 million which is 420,000,000,000 then you would divide that by 1.9 billion (assuming this is the total number of pages read for March as it was in February.)  The author now is paid $221.05. So instead of getting paid $418 from those 200 people who downloaded the book, they are only getting paid $221.05. That’s a $196.95 loss that the author is taking on their work. Now some of you may say, well that’s fair considering it’s cutting down on a lot of readers that would just skim past the first 10% of the book to insure an author was paid for their download. Others may say, “Well, for authors who list their titles at $0.99, that would actually be a come up.” To me, that’s hustling backwards, and I will get into the whole $0.99 ebook sale bid in a minute. Let’s break this math down a little more so you can understand why I said in the opening paragraph that Amazon thinks they’re slick as shit.

As I stated above, KUP subscribers can read unlimited books for $9.99/month. Let’s say that the same 200 people signed up for KUP. Amazon has just made $1,998. Those same 200 subscribers downloaded your book and read every single page. You received $221.05 of that $1,998.00. It seems fair to me that if it is a requirement for a reader to read every single page of your book, that the author should be paid as though it was a purchase- $2.09 instead of what totals to be $1.10 per downloaded copy which is $1.01 less than the earnings of an actual purchased copy of your book!

Now let’s look at my book “Love’s Deadly Masquerade. My book is listed at $4.99 on Kindle and it is a full length novel at 374 pages for paper back copy and 342 Kindle Edition Normalized Pages. So far this month I have 36,432 pages read. Using the same calculations from above, my royalties under the KENP method would be $268.45. However, that averages out to be about 107 people (possibly) who read my book cover to cover. If I were paid under the old Kindle Program method or if those downloads were seen as a complete purchase my royalties for that book alone would be $373.43 which means I am taking a $104.98 hit. The only way it would seem like I am being paid a greater amount under KENP versus the original method or not enlisting my titles in the KUP program at all is if I were to price this book at $0.99 and that shit’s not happening. That’s what I would call, hustling backwards.

I initially was against putting my books in KUP because I didn’t like the condition that books in the KUP could not be sold anywhere else as an ebook. I believed that was stupid because not everybody reads on kindle. Some people actually hate kindle! I would be excluding possible nook, kobo, Google Play, and ibook readers making my titles exclusively available through Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Program. What is beginning to piss me off is this: Why should I make my titles exclusive to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Program only to take an undercut in my royalty payments? Why should I undersell my work to make it seem like I’m coming out on the better end of this bullshit program when I know my work is worth more and I’m (along with many other authors probably) are being robbed blind in this bullshit program. It’s like a card table at the casino where the house always wins. Amazon is the house that we are gambling in and they are winning, not us. I, like many other authors, work too hard to put my stories together and I know my worth. So like any relationship where I feel as though I’m being played, or taken advantage of, I’m out. Amazon can kick rocks, and take that KENP method and shove it up their ass! And any other author who values their work ought to do the same thing.

So, Nook, Kobo, ibook, Google Books and other e-readers, I will be adding my titles to your sites by April 1st. So long KUP. Thanks, but no thanks…

Something Thuggish This Way Comes….

For those of you who have already read Love’s Deadly Masquerade, the ending may have given you the impression that another installment to A Thug’s Redemption was coming. Well, you are partially correct. Jamal, D-Ball, Andre and some of the other characters are back in another book and it’s called “A Thug’s Life Revisited.” Can y’all believe I wrote this book in 9 days?! Nine mutha-flubbin days!! That’s the fastest that I’ve ever written a full length novel! Before this, I wrote A Thug’s Redemption 3: The Wrath of Andre in three weeks and A Thug’s Redemption 2: Jamal’s Return in five weeks. I’m proud of myself.

A Thug's Life RevisitedI hate to be the bearer of bad news but one of the main characters from A Thug’s Redemption dies in this one. I know, I know! How could I do such a thing?! Cold hearted bitch, right? (sigh) I write what I see. And I saw one of them die. If I don’t write what I see, I won’t be able to write the book. It’s kinda like going against the grain, ya know? Who’s the guy on the cover with the gun, you ask? Remember D-Ball from the original series? Well let’s just say he’s uh… pissed in this book. I’m sure you all recognize Jamal from the other covers.

So I’m going to give you guys a little taste of what’s to come, so you have an idea of how juicy and action packed this book is. It sure to take you on a hell of an emotional ride from start to finish. But I’m positive you guys will love reading it just as much as I enjoyed writing it.

It was another long day at the office for Jamal. He was completely swamped with a few cases that he and his partner Dante had recently closed out. Earlier during the day, a young man who only gave him the name George, had given him a package. With the size of his workload, he hadn’t had a chance to look through what was in the thick envelope. Jamal decided that he would put it off until the next day so he could get home in time to have dinner with his wife, Tiffany. Their two-year-old son was having a sleep over with Deisha and Maurice’s two children so they could finally have some alone time together. He promised Dante he would drop him off at home first.

“Yo homie, you ready to roll?” Dante asked as he approached Jamal’s desk.

“Yeah man, I was just finishing up,” Jamal replied as he stood up. He threw his jacket on and was about to walk away from his desk when he remembered the envelope that was given to him by George earlier that day. He snatched it up and he and Dante headed out of the precinct together.

“You never checked out what was in the envelope that dude gave to you earlier?” Dante asked as they walked over to the parking lot.

“Nah, I said I would look at it tomorrow since I’m off. Dude was real secretive about it like it was some Mission: Impossible type shit. It was weird.” He and Dante chuckled. Jamal took out his keys and hit the keyless starter. As soon as the car started, an explosion erupted lifting the car from the ground. The explosion caused multiple car alarms to go off and the blast knocked Jamal and Dante back into a wall. Jamal’s ears were ringing and his head and back hurt. Dante slowly moved to his knees and looked at Jamal in disbelief. Jamal looked at him wide-eyed.

“What the fuck was that?!” Dante yelled. Other cops ran from the precinct to see what happened.

Jamal shook his head with a look of shock written over his face. “Your guess is as good as mine.”

“Nah fuck this. You’re looking at that file tonight! Whatever is in it, they don’t want you to see it.” Dante grimaced. “Here we go again with this bullshit.”

Sirens from firetrucks and ambulances could be heard approaching the scene. A Sergeant from IAB stood in the window of the fifth floor looking down at what was going on. His cell phone rang.

“This is Rutkowski,” he answered as he continued to stare down below.

“What’s the result?” a male asked on the other end.

“Targets were missed. We’ll get them though,” Sergeant Rutkowski replied.

“That’s not the answer we were expecting,” the man on the phone said.

“I know, sir. My apologies.”

“Save your apologies. Next time, be more efficient.” The man disconnected the call and Rutkowski put his phone back in his pocket. He continued to stare down at the scenery as the fire fighters put out the flames to Jamal’s 2015 Acura RDX as he plotted on his next move against Jamal Williams and Dante Smith.


In other news, tonight at 9pm EST I am doing an interview with the fabulous Jeanette Sapphire Blue on Blog Talk Radio to disgust my new book, Love’s Deadly Masquerade and domestic violence. I want you guys to tune in and feel free to join in the conversation as well. Domestic Violence is very serious and many women suffer from it daily.  Call 646-668-2123 and hang out with us on the event page on Facebook

Caught in the Act- What do you do when you catch your mate cheating??

I’m going to share a personal story about something that happened to me a long time ago. I’m sharing it because I’m a little older and I can kinda look back on it and laugh.

A little over six years ago, I was with my children’s father. I was at home in my apartment chatting with him on Facebook messenger after putting the kids to bed and we were cracking jokes having a good ol’ time… until I noticed he was a little bit slow to respond all of a sudden. Now prior to that, this genius (peep the sarcasm) had used my laptop to log into his Facebook and this genius saved his password to my laptop. Soo since in the past I caught him sending some questionable messages to chicks when he did the same stupid ass shit with his MySpace account, I decided I would have a little look-see. And what to my wondering eyes do I see?!!!

Him: “Can I put my tongue in your butt?”

Her: LOL You are so nasty!

Him: Yeah but you like it…

And the conversation went on from there with them making plans for him to come over (again), a recap of the last time he was over there, ( a night he claimed to be stressed because of problems with his mom and just wanted to stay in the house to make sure she was okay<<<bullshit)

So I’m reading the conversation as it is happening and when it seems to come to a close (as he is sending me bullshit messages in between) I copied the entire conversation. (this was before screenshots were so trendy) We’re carrying on with our conversation and I asked if he was spending the night (knowing that he had just made plans with the other chick, I just wanted to see how he was going to respond). Of course he lied like the black bastard he is. Then he closes the conversation with “I love you, Pooda.” My response was “Really?”. He says in return with an attitude, mind you: “What do you mean really? You know I love you more than anything. You’re everything to me.” My response? I pasted the entire conversation between him and the chick.

Did he deny it? Of course. Swore up and down she was just a friend and they were joking around, it was nothing going on between them. I didn’t believe him but stupid young me wanted to keep my family together so I stayed. This is when it got interesting…

A couple of weeks later, ole girl found out about me because of some sappy lovey dovey shit we wrote on each others pictures and she saw it. She started doing some digging and learned about my son. We also had a mutual friend (the young lady I went to school with who would later design my company logo). Long story short, I’m asleep next to him when my phone keeps going off with notifications from Facebook. It’s her sending me messages, introducing herself. I gave her my phone number and we began texting while his big black Shaquille O’Neal looking ass is snoring next to me. I told her we had be together off and on since I was 15, she told me they had been seeing each other for the last couple of months and she knew nothing about me nor the son I had with him. I said I wouldn’t expect her to, most liars and cheats don’t disclose their other life. She does the typical female shit telling me that he told her that he’s falling in love with her and blah blah blah. I said “Yeah, well he’s sleep right next to me mean while you’re quoting sad Mary J Blige lyrics on Facebook. But I’m not about this life. I’ll make sure he cleans me off of his mouth before I send him back to you.” Then I kindly blocked her, woke his black ass up and kicked him the fuck out of my apartment with no fucks to give on how he got home 2 o’clock in the morning.

Now granted, I didn’t catch him screwing a chick, but I still caught him cheating. Foolishly, like many other women, I gave him the benefit of the doubt only for him to still be doing dirt! (Men only do what we allow them to do!) Lord only knows what I would have done if I had caught that black bastard in the act. Shit, this blog wouldn’t exist, I wouldn’t be an author, I’d be sitting in jail serving two life sentences for killing both of them LOL. Crime of passion like a mu-fucka, you know?

So what do you do? Beat her ass? Beat his ass? Walk away quietly? Get revenge sex? What do you do when you catch your mate cheating? Forgive and forget, act like you don’t know anything? I know most chicks would probably beat the chick’s ass. The only time I see that response as justified is if the chick knew he was in a relationship and still pursued him, or if she was a friend of yours and heard your stories of all the hot sex you were having with him and figured she would get a little taste herself. Then yeah, she needs that ass whipped. And he does too! It’s so easy to say what you would do in a situation prior to being in that situation, but the feelings are not the same when it actually happens. So what do you do?


Dating- Netflix and Chill- Situationships

I’m starting to think that dating has gone out of style like hi-top Reeboks and bobby-socks. Seriously. I know times have changed but got-damn, what the hell is Netflix and Chill? LOL! I swear I’m about to start blogging from my Galaxy so I can insert the proper emojis at the proper times LOL!

I have not dated in a while. After things with south with Demetrius and Dallas’ dad (for the umpteenth time, I swear I don’t know why I kept giving that ass-clown chances… wait… yeah I do… never mind) I said I was going to take a break, make sure I had myself together mentally, emotionally, financially because I partially believe that the people we attract are a reflection of ourselves. And man I was attracting some strange shit. Men with no aspirations to do anything other than the next get rich quick scheme, men who had absolutely no intentions of moving out of their parents’ home and getting a place of their own unless they were moving in with the chick of the moment, men who had no goals and that is not like me at all. So for the last two years, I haven’t had men to think about. I just wanted to get myself together.

Recently, I tried getting back into the scene again. And one thing I noticed is that a lot of guys are not taking women out on real dates. They aren’t courting women anymore. Every single guy that I came across wanted to “come see me”, “Come chill,” “watch a movie and chill”. (Enter wtf emoji face here). Just be up front about the shit and say can I come over and fuck. Like seriously bruh! Lets just be real! This is a real problem for me because I feel like, I can sit at home and chill by myself. I can watch Netflix and chill on my solo. The way I see it, this Netflix and Chill shit along with situationships came about two ridiculous ways…

1) Chicks lowered their standards. At the end of the day, Men pick, but Women choose and men are really only going to do what we allow them to do. If we allow them to not take us out and only come over to order cheap, bullshit Chinese food while watching cable TV or Netflix, then that’s what they’re going to do. By no means do I completely have a problem with that. But if every time I try to set something up for us to spend time together and the first thing that pops out of a Ninja’s mouth is  “Can I come see you?” or “Can I come chill?” to me, that says that he’s not looking for anything that serious, all he wants to do is “play”.

2) Guys are becoming cautious about taking women out on dates because (sorry to dime some of you women out- I’ve heard quite a few women admitting to doing this) a lot of times a women won’t like a guy but if he is paying for a date, dinner, movie or whatever, she’ll go out with him, knowing she really isn’t that interested in him. That’s happened so many times that now now men are guarding their time and guarding their pockets not wanting either of them to be wasted, preferring to just visit a woman at her house before going out on a real date.

I guess to solve the problem in number two would be for guys to pay attention to the signs. If you a chick doesn’t seem that into you when you’re talking to her on the phone or texting her but then suddenly perk up when you mention taking her out, you might want to re-think that. If she doesn’t respond to your texts until you mention a date and then all of a sudden she’s coordinating where to take her, you might want to rethink that.

To solve the problem in number 1, chicks, stop being so quick to let these guys come over to your house and chill. Get to know his intentions before you’re all snuggled up with him on the couch and then before you know it, you’re bent over and in a situationship that you’re mistaking for a relationship and he just sees you as somebody he’s kicking it with.

I peep game with these guys now. If all you want to do is chill, I’m not for you, bruh.

The Big Debate- Natural Hair Vs Relaxed Hair, Weaves & Wigs

YaniThere has been a debate going on for a long time now about Black women wearing their hair natural vs. Black women who wear weaves, wigs, relax their hair etc. The main people who have something to say about Black women and our hair are Black men. A lot of Black men have become very vocal, critical and even brutal when giving their opinions on Black women who choose to wear weaves and relax their hair. Some of the men are presumptuous in thinking that a woman who chooses to wear a wig or weave or relax her hair has low self-esteem, does not have knowledge of self and/or is trying to be White. As though we aren’t criticized enough for our looks by Whites, we have our own men launching verbal assaults over a hair style! But these same men are quick to say how bad Beyonce is with her blonde weaves and hair extensions. These same men are quick to say how “Bad” Nikki Minaj is or some video vixen/model chick with hair weave and make-up. They put these women on pedestals and turn them into the standard of beauty but throw shade to the non-video vixen for choosing to wear her hair the same way. The debate is heavy in the “pro-black” “conscious” community and to me, it’s really stupid.

I’d rather see a person with a natural mind and processed head than a processed mind and natural head – Erykah Badu

Simply YaniI’ve worn hair weaves as well as my natural hair. What a lot of men don’t seem to understand is that it takes a lot of work to maintain our hair. I myself, when I first began growing my hair naturally, had to learn which products agreed with my grade of hair. I find that Shea Moisture products, olive oil and coconut oil works wonderfully in my hair. I was at a total loss for how to style it until I began subscribing to various Natural Hair Care Youtube Channels. Sometimes, our hair needs a break which is when we go to “protective styles”. Protective styles can vary from individual braids (box braids aka “Poetic Justice” braids) Faux Lox (I did them once, they took a long ass time to put in but they looked FABULOUS when I was done and my hair grew a lot while I had them in) Yani with Faux Loxand sew in weaves or weave caps. I prefer sew ins because my hair is braided, it’s protected, there isn’t any glue and it gives my hair a chance to chill without constantly combing in it. If the sew in is done correctly (I do my own because the shop jacked me up one time and that was not happening again) there is NO breakage. When I first began wearing my hair natural, I previously was wearing a short cut and my hair had been relaxed. The new growth in the area that was cut close was not processed, but the hair at the top was (Chile I looked like Samuel Jackson from Unbreakable where he had like three different hair styles, part fro, part press & curl part I don’t know what the fuck it was LOL). I cut all that shit off and carefully braided my hair and wore various sew ins for 7 months. My hair grew like crazy. Why? Because my hair stayed braided for four weeks at a time ( I did a new sew-in once a month), after each sew in I gave myself a deep conditioner with natural hair care products and ever so often, I would go in between the tracks where my hair was braided and moisturize my scalp and my roots with olive oil or coconut oil.

I do not wear weaves because I am ashamed of my natural look, have low self-esteem or lack knowledge of self or where I come from. To me, weave is a fashion, a form of art, nothing more nothing less. If I want to be short and sassy and don’t want to cut my own hair, pass that tara hair and I gets it poppin’. Yani with a short cutIf I want a dope bob and I don’t want to apply too much heat to my hair, pass me those hair extensions, and I gets it poppin. If I want to add a little color or rock something wild, curly or crinkly, pass me those hair extensions and I gets it poppin. It’s only hair. It’s not that deep. How a woman wears her hair does not change who she is inside. At the risk of sounding like India Arie, “I am not my hair”. I will still debate you on Black Culture, the importance of Black Lives Matter, where the generation got it wrong before us at the end of the Civil Rights movement and anything else pertaining to the history of Blacks, our culture, the changes that need to take place during the present to enhance and solidify our future whether my hair is in a flat twist blow out or rocking a soft, curly weave. For the men (and some women because I’ve been coming across a few who turn their noses up at women who wear weave and then I scroll back in the Facebook or Instagram and see them rocking the tackiest Remy weave or laced-front wig) who are quick to tear a woman down based off of how she chooses to wear her hair, assuming she is something that she probably is not, what makes you any different than the millions of white people who have their assumptions about us based off of this good-good melinated skin we have before getting to know who we really are?

Being natural is about more than just how a woman wears her hair or if she wears make-up or not.  It’s about her being comfortable in her skin and confident in who she is regardless of her outside appearance. It’s about her being who she is unapologetically and fearlessly. Whether her hair is defying the laws of gravity in a huge afro or cascading down her shoulders, blowing in the wind. If she is who she is fearlessly, acknowledge her and respect her, period. *Drops mic… well pen LOL Y’all know what I mean*

The Black Fairy Princess & the Masquerade Ball

Esentric Masquerade BallLast night, I had the time of my life! A friend of mine from high-school threw a masquerade ball that included a fashion show to launch and debut her clothing line Esentric Apparel. My dress and my shoes were FAB! It was the first time in a LONG time that I was able to really get dressed up and go out. It kind of sucked that I didn’t have a date, but a lot of these guys that I’ve been coming across lately are pure, unadulterated ass-holes, so I went solo. Black Fairy PrincessThe atmosphere was amazing and the funny part was, it was the same Country Club the my high school prom was held. I swear walking through those doors had me experiencing some bad dejavu. My prom was a nightmare, but it’s ok LOL. Tamika is a very talented and creative young lady. I am proud that she stuck with her passion. I remember her designing clothes when we were in high-school. She was a year behind me, but I remember she sketched out a prom dress design for me. Ugh, it was so gorgeous. But my mother just didn’t have the money to pay for my prom dress to be made. Sadly however, her fashion show was very brief and she explained to me the reason being was that some of her models did not show up. That kinda pissed me off. Unless they all had family emergencies, were killed before or en route to the fashion, it’s no excuse for that level of unprofessionalism. To jeopardize someone’s business and their integrity like that is just distasteful and shows that are not cut out to be in the business. I told her the same thing that my brother and so many other people told me that if I wanted to do anything big with my books, I would have to leave Philly and she more than likely would too. I don’t know what it is about this city, but there is really no means to advance artistically here. Everyone who made it big that was from Philly, left Philly in order to blow up- Will Smith, Patti LaBelle, Meek Mills, Eve, and the list goes on! For this to be the City of Brotherly Love, love and support doesn’t seem to show up until the person has already made it and the money is beginning to roll in. It’s really sad. Mika- CEO of EsentricBut even with that happening to her, the event was still beautiful and the fashion show is still amazing. She definitely has my support and I will be rocking her custom tees this spring and summer and I may even hire her to design and make my outfit for the Beyonce concert “Slay!”
Check out her amazing clothing line on her awesome website, and support a Black Business Woman!

Anitbeet Productions Apparel and more

Unapologetically BlackI got so many positive responses from the shirt that I had made “Unapologetically Black” that I decided to make a few more designs. I wore my “Unapologetically Black” shirt a few days after Destiny wore hers when it was nice and sunny outside and I didn’t have to wear a jacket. Unfortunately, my truck has been in the shop for a little over a week so I was at the mercy of Septa (boo-fucking-hoo LOL) As I was sitting on the bus with my afro and my “pro black” shirt on, blasting Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror”, I noticed that an older gentleman kept trying to peek at my shirt to see what it said. When I got off the bus at my son’s school, since I was a few minutes late, I decided to stop in the store and grab him some snacks. Out of habit, I picked at my fro to make sure it was still flyy and I noticed a rather handsome brother across the street was watching me. When I was passing him, he said to me “Dope shirt, sis.” I smiled and said “thank you” in return. But as I was coming out of the store, here come the cops, rolling up on the side walk like a crime was being committed because these young guys were hanging in front of the store. They were bothering anyone, wasn’t making a ruckus, just shooting the breeze on a warm, spring like day. I’m thinking to myself, shit, I picked a bad day to wear this shit LOL. I hurried along my way because I didn’t want either one of those patty rollers catching feelings over my shirt and deciding that I “looked like a person of interest.” Next thing you know, I’m a hashtag on social media and folks are speculating about what happened to me. But quite a few people asked me where I got my shirt from and I couldn’t help but answer with a smile and with pride as I told them that I designed the shirt. Thankfully, I was smart enough to remember to bring my business cards with me and gave them to the people who were interested in my shirt so they could place their orders. From those interactions, I also accumulated a few new readers and sold five copies of my books.

When I got home, I sat in front of my laptop and made a few more designs. I share everything with my home-girl Kytten and started sending her pictures of the shirts I was designing. I even began designing custom wine glasses. She told me about the site www.spreadshirt.com and I immediately set up shop. Now I am ready to unveil my designs to my readers and supporters. From logo tees, short sleeve and long sleeve, tanks and hoodies for men, women and children, as well as onesies, I created trendy, comfortable and catchy apparel to catch the eye of on-lookers no matter which look you rock. The cool thing about it I can put the proceeds towards developing my production company so that I can branch off into film. Having my books translate over to the big-screen is a huge dream of mine and I really am hoping that this year I can begin to make it a reality. Check out the designs below!

Anitbeet Sweats anitbeettank1 deathblindmute kidsanitbeet kidsanitbeet1 kidsanitbeethoody







































Those are the shirts that I designed and you can find them along with others at my spread-shirt store

These are the wine glasses that I designed. I have to tweak them a bit so that the design shows up on the glasses transparent.

There's Levels To My Alcoholism
There’s Levels To My Alcoholism

ProductImage(3) ProductImage(4)





















Look forward to these becoming available very soon!

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Love’s Deadly Masquerade has hit the Scene!

Love's Deadly Masquerade
Love’s Deadly Masquerade

The day that I have been waiting for has finally arrived. (Hits my Cabbage Patch) Yeaaaaaah boooooyyyyyy! (in my Flava Flav voice) Love’s Deadly Masquerade is officially out and it is already generating buzz! This is what Online Book Club had to say:

…The writing style is raw and evocative. The vivid and (mercifully) short descriptions of the various forms of tortures that Eric inflicts on Vanessa are particularly hard-hitting. Then there are those glimpses into Vanessa’s psyche which are particularly impactful, for example, when she wonders whether God is making her experience firsthand how shallow was her viewpoint on domestic violence, and perhaps God is punishing her for believing what she would have done in such a situation without ever understanding how overpowering the fear of violence is.

To read the review in it’s entirety, visit Online Book Club Readers are also enjoying this book as well!

This is what one of my biggest supporters (Tiffany W.) had to say on Facebook about Love’s Deadly MasqueradeTiffany Suports:

“Love’s Deadly Masquerade” – By Yani ..Is a MUST Read!!! She is a Very Talented Author whom I’ve had the Pleasure of reading her work since we Were younger. All women should read this book- You Won’t be Disappointed! This Book Drops March 1,2016 – But you can preorder now. Not To mention she has 4 other great books out- “A Thugs Redemption” – Part 1,2,3 & Obsessive Intamices”. These books were amazing as well. Check Her Out for a few Good Reads!! ‪#‎LovesDeadlyMasquerade‬‪#‎AThugsRedemption‬‪#‎ObsessiveIntamices‬‪#‎Yani‬‪#‎AnitbeetProductions‬‪#‎YoungBlackAuthor‬‪#‎Talented‬‪#‎MakeItAMovie‬‪#‎SpreadTheWord‬

This is why I do what I do! Writing actually, is not just something I do, it’s who I am. When I wake up every day, if I can’t do anything else, as long as I can write, I am okay and I am happy. I pray that I never experience writer’s block again because that period of time was the hardest, darkest time in my life. I love what I do and knowing that readers appreciate my work and look forward to the next piece of work that I do makes me love it even more.

So where can you get this awesome book from? EVERYWHERE! Your local book store and if they don’t have it, let them know you don’t appreciate them slipping and they need to get it on their shelves ASAP! You can get it online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and many others. You can also visit my site and purchase a paperback copy through there. For those who are using Paypal, FREE SHIPPING is available to you. If you don’t have Paypal, don’t worry- you can send a money order for $15.00 plus $2.99 for shipping and handling and I will see to it that you get your book in 3-5 days.  Ebook readers, at this time, Love’s Deadly Masquerade along with my other titles are available to Kindle EXCLUSIVELY because they are enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited Program. So you can either purchase your kindle copy for $4.99 or if you are a Kindle Unlimited Subscriber, download it and read it for free! I do ask that once you read Love’s Deadly Masquerade, please be sure to leave feedback on Amazon. Feedback is very important to an author because it let’s other readers know to check me out as well!