Power- Meek Mill vs Drake & More

I know, I know. I have neglected this blog so ferociously that Blog Protected Service needs to be called on me LOL. I’ve just been so preoccupied with so many other things; being a new mom, promoting my books, working on a new book and house hunting as well. And man, house hunting in Philly is a big bag of stress that I can NOT wait to be rid of. I’m trying to stay in the Oak-lane area and the only part of this process that has been easy is eliminating the parts of the city I do NOT want to live in: North Philly, (Sorry folks, I grew up in North Philly and let’s just say I didn’t need to join the army to learn how to duck and dodge bullets) South Philly, (those little ass streets are the devil!) and Kensington (Remember the Kensington strangler? Yeah…) I lived in Germantown/WestOaklane for my teenage years and most of my adult-hood and while folks will say “Oh North Philly till I die I rep my hood!!”, I have small children to think about. So when deciding where we rest our heads at night, being able to rep my hood is not a priority. But making sure my children can play out front without catching a stray bullet or a car jumping a curb and hitting them because they decided to go speeding down a tiny street, is a priority. When I lived in West Oaklane for three years not one time did I hear a gun shot (even at midnight of New Years! Imagine that). The neighbors were friendly, knew how to mind their business, wasn’t knocking on my door asking to borrow shit (I hate that) and didn’t have ratchet, bad ass kids running half naked down the street all hours of the day and night making a bunch of noise. It was peaceful, my children were able to play safely and I was close to malls, public transportation if I or my children needed it and I loved it. So of course I want something just as good if not better. And that is where most of my time and energy has been dedicated to which is why this blog took a back burner. I’m going to do better though (LOL) I promise. SO! Let’s get down to the nitty gritty!!

POWER!!! On God, bruh, I swear I was sleepower1ping on this show last year. I saw one episode and was hooked! For those who have not been watching, Power is a show that’s being produced by 50 Cent. I recently started following him on instagram because he is funny as HELL! This show has made me a new fan of his. I listened to his music years ago and used to bump his album “The Massacre” heavy in 2005 when I first learned how to drive. But seeing him in Power makes me want to get back into writing rugged street fiction! But anyways- Power is filled with drama, suspense, steamy, erotic sex scenes that had me covering my eyes like lawd I can’t watch! 50 cent co stars as Kanan along side Omari Hardwick as James “Ghost” St. Patrick, Naturi Naughton as his wife Tasha (y’all might remember her as Bow Wow’s friend in the movie “Lottery Ticket”, Stacie; Joe Sikora as “Ghost’s” right hand man, Tommy; Lela Loren as “Ghost’s” side action Angela; and the sexy Sinqua Walls as “Shawn” who is Kanan’s son. Long story short, Ghost and Tasha set Kanan up to go to prison and then Ghost rose to be a big name in the street business with Tommy as his partner in crime. Ghost opens up a night club and wants to get out of the business when all of a sudden he starts getting hit. He investigates to see who it is and gets a tip that he’s being set up by a cat named Rola when really it’s Kanan trying to get at him from prison. Kanan gets released from jail early and pretends all is well while trying to get inside info so he can take Ghost out and resume his position and the Drug King Pin in New York. Now while Ghost wants to get out of the business, Tommy is like “fuck that, this is who we are, this is what we do”, so that’s causing a struggle between the two of them. Tasha is a straight ride or die chick, but like most ride or die chicks, we are always taken for granted, lied to and cheated on. Ghost runs into a chick he used to have a thing with name Angela while at his club one night. And as the cliche saying goes, one thing led to another and before you know it, they were fucking in his office. Tommy and Tasha are tight and he finds out about Ghost’s cheating but he doesn’t dime him out. Shawn knows as well and has a thing for Tasha but he ain’t no snitch either. Tommy gets hired to off this little pedophile chump sending dick pics to his drug boss’s daughter and over hears Angela name herself as the fucking assistant district attorney. Lawd! So Ghost is fucking the bitch who is trying to take down Lobos (Ghost’s drug supplier) and he didn’t even know it. Angela and her investigative squad is wracking their brains trying to figure out who the fuck Ghost and she didn’t even know she was fucking Ghost the entire time! Now Tasha done found out he was cheating on her and took the bitch to Miami, so she got back at him by fucking Shawn (lawd!!) Angela was informed by Tommy’s live in ass action that James is actually Ghost (because Angela started to believe Tommy was Ghost- her, Tommy and Ghost all went to high school together) so this bitch bugged his phone and followed him to a big meeting he was having with his supplier, Lobos. Squat runs up in the joint, Lobos’ right hand man gets murked, Lobos gets arrested and Tommy gets pinched too! This dude sees Angela (he warned Ghost numerous times that she was on their ass and he didn’t listen) and starts snapping! “Angela you bitch! You fucking cunt, I’m going to get you!” Yeah, home boy was going off! Ghost hired some hot shot lawyer and flipped the fraudulent information Angela used to identify Tommy as Lobos’ distributor (he stole it from her apartment when the dumb bitch gave him the keys thinking he left his wife Tasha for her) and Tommy was set free. What happened after that, I won’t spoil for you but it had me screaming at the TV and showed just much of a ruthless bastard (and I mean this affectionately) 50 Cent (Kanan) can be! So tomorrow night is the season finale. But all day long if you don’t have shit to do, tune in to Starz on your cable service (if you don’t have cable, you’re fucked LOL) and you can catch up on season two. I wish to the creative writing GODS that Power had more than 9 episodes to their seasons. This shit needs to be running for a full season! I will be on twitter cutting up giving play by play commentary (like this is an NBA game, yes baby it’s that serious!). So follow me on twitter @the_author_yani and join the twitter party!

Okay this Meek Mill and Drake beef is crazy. I know I’m a couple weeks behind but what can I say? I had other shit to do LOL. I don’t normally pay attention to rap beefs anymore cause it ain’t like back in the day with Tupac’s diss against Biggie “Hit ‘Em Up” (Y’all know that’s my shit!) Tupac named names with ZERO fucks to give and just desecrated the entire Bad Boys click with one track “First off, fuck your bitch and the clique you claim, west side when we ride come equipped with game; you claim to be a player but I fucked your wife, we buss on Bad Boys niggas fuck for life…. Biggie remember when I used to let you sleep on the couch and begged a bitch to let you sleep in the house. Now it’s all about Versace, you copied my style, five shots couldn’t drop me, I took it and smile; Now I’m ’bout to set the record straight; with my AK I’m still the thug that you love to hate, muthafucka I hit em up” (YESSSS!!!) And rap beefs/battles aren’t even as interesting as when Nas came at Jay-Z neck in Ether or when Eminem came at Ja-Rule. So when I hear that it’s a rap beef I’m like bleh whatever. But 2 o’clock in the morning after putting Dallas back to sleep and I couldn’t fall asleep with her, I started surfing twitter and instagram and just saw all of the memes of Meek Mill with social media clowning him. Now I’m from North Philly and I hear a lot of cats mad at people from Philly who aren’t siding with Meek. This isn’t a city battle; it’s a rap battle. This isn’t Philly versus Canada, this is Meek vs Drake and I’m sorry, but Drake had the better diss tracks. That’s what got the whole Tupac vs Biggie beef fucked up. People wanted to make it out to be a West coast vs East Coast and it really wasn’t that. It was just two rappers who were beefing. I’m from the East coast but 20 years later, I STILL choose Tupac. Biggie was good, but Tupac had a better message all around. He was the better artist all around. Meek talking about Drake got a ghost writer for his raps. Where I come from, that’s called snitching. Dude that was named as the ghost writer already denied the claim and said that he isn’t, but grown ass men feeding off of he-say-he say and taking the word (snitch) as the gospel truth. If he snitched about a ghost writer in hip-hop to make himself look like the better artist, makes me wonder would he or has he snitched for a lighter sentence? Hmmm? But props to Meek because he’s doing his thing. I would never take away from that.

Alright, I’m out. This post was waaaayyyy longer than I anticipated LOL. Guess my fingers got a little typing happy. Catch ya’ll Saturday after Power! Peace!